anyone want to apply together for the bust craftacular?

anyone want to apply with me for the bust holiday craftacular in NYC? it's saturday, december 13th. only $10 to apply. after jurying, if accepted, it's $250 for one person, but $300 if you are going to split a table. you will get tons of hits from your ad on bust's website alone which is why it's more $ to split. i would prefer to apply with someone who doesn't primarily make paper goods. :) soo...any of my friend peoples want to apply together? :)

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Me & BC

I forgot to say that the first night of the two Hollywood Bowl Radiohead shows I met Bradley Cooper who played my fave character Will Tippin on Alias. He was absolutely rocking out to Radiohead, singing along to every song, closing his eyes, taking photos, etc. Just amazing. He was SO sweet. I am pretty sure he was also high, but so sweet.
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Epic Journey is over.

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Okay, so pretty much I wrote huge entries on each of my photo of the days if you want to read about my epic trip of meeting my birth mom and my extended family, going on my Radiohead road trip with Brianne, eating lots of delicious foods, seeing Colleen, Dan Balki, Jeremy, Nancy, Max, Michael Pop and Lindsey, April, Jenny Song, Susie Ghahremani and her bf Michael, and Jose. I am probably leaving stuff out, but wow, what a whirlwind. I am exhausted from such an amazing trip. I am so so so glad to be back, but the trip was epic and awesome. If you want to read all these adventures, click on this picture and then click the right photo on my Photostream. WHEE!

Here is me with my birth mom Laurie:
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Hedgehog Parade!


Whee! Hedgehog parade in my living room! Cards, onesies, and pieces of fabric to be made into little stuffies.


TEXT INSIDE: I quilly love you.
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i swear that things have been happening

too much really to re-cap everything.

i made a ton of stuff for DEPART-ment at pitchfork july 18th, 19th, and 20th.
i went to yelp around the world at the dank haus on july 24th.
jason turned 30 july 31st.
i saw radiohead at lolla august 1st thanks to ginny getting me a vendor wristband for $25.
laini would have turned 30 on august 2nd.
i saw she & him august 5th.
i saw the sneak preview of handmade nation august 7th.
hoggle met mindi & ethan's hedgehog napoleon, but mostly they just avoided each other august 8th.
niko came to visit august 9th and 10th.
i was rejected for my first craft fair so far DIY TRUNK SHOW august 11th.
sei jin turned 35 august 12th.

those are the biggest things i think.

the diy trunk show news was a bit of a bummer since i loved that fair and i had applied with eliza and i was hoping we'd get in. yeah, i'm doing renegade chicago and crafty bastards and i am psyched for those. i had a new card idea yesterday and i thought i was finished but today i made some more tweaks to the design and hopefully tonight i will print it.

other craft fairs i have applications out for:
handmade arcade (pittsburgh, pa) - november 8th & 9th
craftland (providence, ri) - december 5-24, 2008 (set up like a store)

my fingers are crossed. i want to do some xmas shows, but the renegade chicago holiday application is $210, so i'd only apply if i could split it three ways. too expensive doing this kind of stuff on my own.
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crafting is hard on the health.

this weekend in my awesome friends' lives:
- Shelly, sister in sha-sha-sha-shaw, got married to Ed
- C. made mozzarella (this is just blowing my mind) from scratch:
- Christa and Sarah Coyne both got amazing tattoos

in my life:
I worked doors at shows I had booked at South Union Arts (Friday: The Protomen/The Auramatics and Saturday: The City on Film/Slithering Beast/State Champion/Brett Saxon). I burnt myself out on the not fun part of crafting; the packaging. It was all I was doing the last 5 days or so. It felt like all I had done was work work work since Tuesday when I'd gone to see Wanted with Reba and Rachel. I had a breakdown and just started sobbing uncontrollably before I was leaving for SUA Saturday night for the show. I do take on too much. It's proven.

this is what my world has looked like the past week, but with different projects on the desk:


I think I mentioned this, but Jessee and I also applied for Crafty Bastards (9/28/08) together again this year. We don't know for sure that we'll get in, but I'm pretty hopeful. It's never good to be too confident about this kind of thing. Miss Alison and I are going to road trip out there together. My parents are going to be out of town, which is sad, BUT this does mean that any other crafty pals can stay with us. SRSLY, if you're coming, we should have a gigantic crafty nerd party on 9/27. Every rose has its thorn though, right? I already had a ticket for My Bloody Valentine at the Aragon 9/27/08 when I realized that Crafty Bastards was the next day and there was no way I'd be able to make it there if I were to go to the show. Trust me, I looked at flights. Sad face. Otherwise, I just need to give myself a life while still crafting rather than letting it consume my being. So, 10 cent wings at Cleo's tonight at 5:45 it is. Perhaps a $6 movie tomorrow night if I'm feeling like most everything is done. I've decided to wait to re-make the frisky fork and baguette bday cards because I need to stay sane. This weekend DEPART-ment at Pitchfork will be nuts. Ginny and my pal Dominic gets in Wednesday and the guest room needs to be guest-ready.
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so so busy & music player meme, pt. 2

i feel like i am going nonstop.

last couple days:

monday: cleo's, re-made seal later cards and a bunch of baby shirts with the seal on them

tuesday: wanted @ city north with rachel and reba, touched up imperfect seal later cards

wednesday: burned a mixtape screen that didn't work. :( re-printed piero-glee card fronts

thursday: got up and printed the text inside the piero-glee cards

next couple days:

thursday night: print pierogi on envelopes, BURN A SUCCESSFUL SCREEN of b-side to your a-side design and print

friday: work @ sua [ protomen / auramatics ], possibly make another card when i get back depending on how i feel

saturday: re-make frisky fork card?, work @ sua [ the city on film / slithering beast / state champion / brett saxon ]

sunday: photograph cards in sunlight, upload new photos to etsy, do more crafty projects, etc.

Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle.
Say the following questions aloud, and press play.
Use the song title as the answer to the question.

How does the world see me?
broken mouths - l'altra

Will I have a happy life?
usual way - super xx man

What do my friends really think of me?
these days (amanset keystroke mix) - american analog set

Do people secretly lust after me?
spellbound - secret shine

How can I make myself happy?
mars - lucksmiths

What should I do with my life?
multiball - heavy vegetable

Why must life be so full of pain?
where damage isn't already done - the radio dept.

How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
dr. pepper - american analog set

Will I ever have children?
sweeter - julie doiron

Will I die happy?
light the math - mirah

What is some good advice for me?
stop foolin' - dressy bessy

What is happiness?
makeout beach - superchunk

What's my favourite fetish?
the way that you came down - the brother kite

How will I be remembered?
in a beautiful place out in the country - boards of canada

i haven't updated my ipod much at all in the last couple years because i rarely use it these days. overall, i liked the answers better the last time i did this:
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awesome friends

i've been pretty quiet lately.


i made something i had the idea for 4, maybe 5 years ago tonight. it's not as awesome as i had really hoped it would be. it's meant to be used to put buttons of your favorite things on. like, favorite animals, favorite bands, favorite crafters, whatevs.

Me & Hayden

i saw hayden, one of my longtime faves at schuba's on saturday night. i made him blueberry muffins since i had leftover batter and after the band left the stage, i put them on the stage. he came back for the encore and went on about how terribly they had been eating and how nice it was. then outside i saw him eating one as i stood there waiting to say hi and someone asked him how it was and he said "good". when we started talking i said i had made the muffins and he said "oh thank you! i'm glad i said it was good!" sometime recently it had hit me that i had been a fan for over 10 years and that it had been just over 10 years ago that i saw him for the first time (and interviewed him). i mentioned this to him because wow, it's been 10 years, and he said something like "well, come on! i've seen you a bunch since then." come on hayden! nostalgia! we're getting old. he has white in his beard and i would be lying if i said it didn't look hot.

Rachel with my new bike

this weekend i bought a new bike from this bike guy kevin. it's a kulana moon dog. i think it's a men's frame, but i don't really care since i think i can transform it into a very leigh bike. rachel is totally the bike-iest person that i know and she has been very helpful. next to get a basket and possibly a new bike seat since this one is a bit too firm for me.


a couple weeks back i threw one of 700+ bake sales across the country organized by to benefit their campaign to put barack obama in the white house called HUNGRY FOR CHANGE. mine was called "UKV IS HUNGRY FOR CHANGE BAKE SALE" and ran from 10-4 on a saturday right in front of my house and we raised nearly $1100. i made a ton of stuff, as did lots of friends and also people i didn't know. it was a great experience. if they do another one, i will do it again. having miss alison's tent was so very awesome since it did ran for a spell.

also to note in that picture: i have awesome friends. yes, things are good. hoggle is in my lap and it is time for me to sleep since he is very alert and ready to run in the wheel. also, i have been watching lost and i am loving it. wish i could watch it all day long to catch up.
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my saturday night

you can see me grab my drink off the table. eek! april understandish texted me out of the blue saying she was in town for billy bragg. she got me on the list. it was my first time seeing him and he was just an amazing performer. he really reminded me of jason anderson's live shows. yeah, awesome. it was great seeing my pal april. yay!
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