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a message from laini's parents

If you could please pass along to all those who were special to Laini how much Manuel and I have been touched by so many of her friends who continue to contact us and to remember her. We were in awe at how many cards we received on her birthday, and now again today, how many beautiful thoughts are coming our way. All have shared special moments they had with Laini, have expressed their joy in knowing her, and their sorrow as they miss her. It's very difficult for me to reply to each of you, but please know that we love hearing from you. Each of you had a part in making Laini the person she was - hmmm, do I thank you for that or smack you upside the head?! She relished your friendship and the time she got to be with each of you.

november 12th marked one year since laini passed on. i sent yellow roses to her parents symbolizing our long friendship. i will get to see them over my thanksgiving trip. i told them i would be their lala for the day. i always think about laini a lot, but this past week was pretty brutal. i stayed in and watched america's next top model and stylista that night. i figured that was what laini would have done. i really think she would have dug the drama in stylista. when i watch stuff like that i feel like she's there with me. there are so many times i have started typing out an email or a text message to her only to remember the harsh truth. when i speak to others who were close to her, they have been doing the same thing. i don't think that will ever stop. she meant so much to so many.

me, laini & evan mellosonic
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the sha-sha-sha-shaw society [ding, laini, me, shelly]
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where anything is possible and life is so incredible: GOBAMA!

everyone has posted these amazing and eloquent posts. my favorites were pph's, thara's, and eliza's. i watched the events of last night; of history, unfold with eliza and friends at her house after eating dinner at high dive and seeing him take ohio!

eliza's post explains the rest of our night:

this person's post is amazing and filled with so much probama goodness it's incredible:]

today the mail guy who is a staunch republican was the only one to try to rain on the parade. quote: "they say hitler was a nice guy too." gth dude!
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HEY! You're part of it!

I am wired on coffee (a mocha from Alliance Bakery). Z and I got up early and got to our polling place a block from our house at 6:30am. Between waiting in line to voting it took an hour. Then we went to Alliance and got to work early (8:30). A lot of Chicago businesses are closing at 3pm to clear the city for all of those people who are going to come into the city for the rally. I had an opportunity to go with Jenny, but I turned it down for a number of reasons. Originally I was really psyched to go, but I will be just as happy to watch it on tv at Eliza's methinks. I love my city. Love love love it. I made a new RWT card yesterday. I came up with the idea for the text inside first but then needed to come up with a good idea for the drawing. Originally I was going to draw a Chicago landmark with a flag on it, but then I went with Sears Tower with tiny little "snowflakes" that are actually the stars from the Chicago that what it looks like to you?!?!?



The chorus of this song is in my head this morning because I AM A PART OF IT. YOU ARE A PART OF IT. VOTE VOTE VOTE! Tonight we will know who our next president is. Hope upon hope it will be Obama.

American Hearts (Piebald)

Hey! you're part of it!
Yeah! you're part of it!
Hey! you're part of it!
Yeah! you're part of it!

I walk the streets of a Carolina.
Watching people pushing shopping carts.
And there's a guy above me and he's washing windows.
Making ten bucks a pop, and he says to me:

Hey! you're part of it!
Yeah! you're part of it!
Hey! you're part of it!
Yeah! you're part of it!

And I say: sir,
Well have you heard that this country is unequal still.
History continues itself, continues itself.
History continues itself.
And I did not create the rules.

From all I've heard.
And all I've seen.
This place has broken my American heart.
From all I've heard.
And all I've seen.
This place has broken my American heart.

Hey! you're part of it!
Yeah! you're part of it!
Hey! you're part of it!
Yeah! you're part of it!
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Halloween Pictures & Flickr Meme

Here is my Halloween costume. I was Brad Neely's George Washington as Joe screamed when he saw me at Kris Racer's Helloween party. For the first time in three years, some people knew who I was! Amazing! I had people asking to take photos of me even. If you haven't seen the video on Youtube, please see it here. I made the mask, British child, American child (not pictured), and carried red phone as props. Everything else was bought on ebay. It came together pretty awesome. I had even made a Mason ring, but then it broke before I even left the house.

Halloween 2008 Costume

Halloween 2008 - Zombie Kirstie, Aquaman Gavin, George Washington Leigh

I put up two Halloween photo sets on Flickr: King Khan & BBQ and Kris Racer's Helloween Party.

This coming weekend I will be in Pittsburgh for HANDMADE ARCADE! I am so psyched to do this fair since so many of my buds will be there! Miss Alison and I are leaving on Friday morning. Wahey! Also to note, I updated the Rhymes with Twee Etsy shop.

Following is the Flickr meme that many of my pals have done:

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on the phone - george washington (by

the present beware; the future beware...he's coming he's coming he's coming!

this is why i should never drink coffee. i am not sleepy and it is 3:30 in the morning. this was only my second cup of coffee ever and it was maybe 2/3 cup actual coffee and the rest was milk and some sugar. i did drink it around 9pm though.

i think i want to go as george washington for halloween.

yep, this george washington:

i think i'll just make a mask out of posterboard and wear a blue tunic-y shirt and brown pants? and carry a fake knife and maybe another prop...where to find shoes with buckles...that i can wear...more than once. the hunt is on. if not, i will resort to my standby that i didn't resort to last year; ugly betty. i can do that, but i like a challenge.

my photo 365 on flickr is up to date:

food i made in the last two days:

now that it's nearly 4am i am going to have a go at this sleep thing...
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anyone want to apply together for the bust craftacular?

anyone want to apply with me for the bust holiday craftacular in NYC? it's saturday, december 13th. only $10 to apply. after jurying, if accepted, it's $250 for one person, but $300 if you are going to split a table. you will get tons of hits from your ad on bust's website alone which is why it's more $ to split. i would prefer to apply with someone who doesn't primarily make paper goods. :) soo...any of my friend peoples want to apply together? :)

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Me & BC

I forgot to say that the first night of the two Hollywood Bowl Radiohead shows I met Bradley Cooper who played my fave character Will Tippin on Alias. He was absolutely rocking out to Radiohead, singing along to every song, closing his eyes, taking photos, etc. Just amazing. He was SO sweet. I am pretty sure he was also high, but so sweet.
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Epic Journey is over.

Originally uploaded by madflowr
Okay, so pretty much I wrote huge entries on each of my photo of the days if you want to read about my epic trip of meeting my birth mom and my extended family, going on my Radiohead road trip with Brianne, eating lots of delicious foods, seeing Colleen, Dan Balki, Jeremy, Nancy, Max, Michael Pop and Lindsey, April, Jenny Song, Susie Ghahremani and her bf Michael, and Jose. I am probably leaving stuff out, but wow, what a whirlwind. I am exhausted from such an amazing trip. I am so so so glad to be back, but the trip was epic and awesome. If you want to read all these adventures, click on this picture and then click the right photo on my Photostream. WHEE!

Here is me with my birth mom Laurie:
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Hedgehog Parade!


Whee! Hedgehog parade in my living room! Cards, onesies, and pieces of fabric to be made into little stuffies.


TEXT INSIDE: I quilly love you.
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