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"whether you save me, whether you savage me..."

if the below is not proof of why you should join swappingtons, then i will not be able to convince you ever.

6 new to me compact discs

adult - resuscitation
hayden - Live at Invocation Hall - 2 CDs
joy electric - the white songbook [from impossible, disquiet on swappingtons]
minus the bear - highly refined pirates
snow patrol - songs for polar bears

in about a week of swapping and loss of six crappy promo cds, i swapped for the above discs. if you are now convinced, please sign up and list at least one item and refer me [madflowr]. i am addicted. seriously, i think i vaguely know what it feels like to be a drug addict. earlier tonight i was pacing around my room and i listed some of my DOUBLES

i might fuck up my new year's resolution to read a book every month, since i've been slacking on reading kiss & tell by alain de botton, which honestly, is amazing, like a book version of the opening sequence to amelie [no, really, i am completely serious]. i'm only a third of the ways through it tho. i have just been so stupid obsessed over stupid things that i haven't had time to read! yarg! tonight instead of watching the stupid bowl, i watched a stupid movie called, the salton sea. do not be fooled by cover art!

tonight has been all about songs on loop and swappingtons and getting tipsy off of one smirnoff ice. ahh, sunday nights.

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