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orders of business

01 | swappingtons dot com - if you have unwanted cds/books/dvds/video games, go sign up there [free free free] and list madflowr as the one who referred you if you'd like [i'd like]. basically, i've been looking for something like this for a long long while and well, this looks like everything i've ever wanted and more. there were a few lj communities that looked kind of promising, but no one ever uses them! this is completely like the barter system, which i really wish i'd been alive to witness. this is the new aget of the barter system! yipee!

02 | NYC AREA PPL: metropolitan, my friend john thejam's band is playing a FREE show at the luna lounge on sunday, 02 february. the key word here is FREE! they are one of my favorite dc garage/indie rock bands. this is their first time headlining up in nyc i am fairly certain. anyhow, info is available at the metropolitan website, i'm sure. i would actually come up if school wasn't starting tuesday. yech. anyhow, nyc peeps should go because music in nyc = not often free [at least in my experience] and 'cos they're great!

03 | WEDDING SONGS: i have actually seen this as a thread before, but i don't remember where. anyways, one of my friend's close friends is getting married and my friend is looking to make her a mix of songs about ever lasting love, getting married, engagements, etc. if it's a song that you feel is about neverending love, please comment with the artist, song, and album you can find it on [if you have that info]. this is a big big big help, thanks so much!

now this is completely meaningless:

today i watched the piano teacher, followed by 24 hour party people after i got back from blockbuster. i was impressed with a lot of the stylistic techniques in tpt, but i felt there wasn't really enough explanation as to why she became the way she was. the music in the film was fantastic and i'm thinking about picking up the score/soundtrack, as some songs were simply wowwing. 24hpp left me glad that i did not buy this film straight away. honestly, it was a bit of a let down. granted, i was never obsessed with factory records - it just seemed too incoherent. the film was all sorts of backwards. the film quality was really shoddy at parts. i know they were going for the whole camcorder look, but it just felt like a rotten home movie. the talking to the camera bits from tony did not work for me whatsoever. god, wtf? anyways, so i guess it's good i got both of those films watched, since i'd been meaning to do so for ages. as for now, it looks like it's sleepy time since GOOD GOD i have to be awake and alert by noon, so i can watch my grandma.

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