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matt pond pa pictures - 16 jan 2003 @ Black Cat (backstage)

tonight was really really nice. the sound on the backstage was surprisingly good, plus i was in good company. i went with shelly nerdling and met up with alex gardenhead there. i also saw michael, nogoodnik's beau and his twin. the show's turnout was bizarre tho. i'd say about 80% of the audience was female, which for dc, is surprising. matt told me after the show that he'd forgotten the lyrics to the last verse of a song on stage. i totally missed that. oh well. ANYWAYS, afterwards shelly, alex, and i made our way to four seasons of course and i got the blintzes of death [they're not good anymore, wtf?] and took some silly i-zone pics. when i got home, some random kid IMed me off moc and started sending me crazy pictures he drew. it started off as entertaining and ended in me wondering if i should block him. god, i wish i could block people IN REAL LIFE.
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