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"it could've been noble, but it started out fast. they say that kind of thing will never last..."

honestly, there is nothing better than coming home to a package filled with the above polyvinyl goodness. i had NO idea that the cd-single was CLEAR on the outside. seriously, that is like the hottest way cd singles can come. i was just buying it 'cos i am a dork and try to be a completist when it comes to my favorite bands! on the polyvinyl site, they call this single, the 1955 single a cdep, but i think that's almost false advertising, since it's only two songs. anyhow, gush gush, the new rainer maria album, long knives drawn, is fucking brilliant. a lot of people are saying that they're scared to hear caithlin really SING, but honestly, she sounds just as good USING her vocal chords as she does when she abuses them screaming! this song gives me chills. anyhow, this totally made my night and now i don't need to leave the house. plans to finish evan's mixtape have yet again been overtaken by a new album, however. oops! tomorrow, before mpPA, i swear. as for now, i have a night of making out with music planned.

sha-sha-sha-shaw society/gurlees/whoever: check my shows list and tell me if you'd like to [AND CAN] make any of those road trips to faraway places to see r|m with OWEN [or any of the other weekend road trips i have scheduled].

everyone had better be at mpPA [they are OPENING for parker and lily @ the black cat] tomorrow night, thursday night. get there early, so you can buy me drinks. i'll probably need them in all honesty.
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