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three cities in one day . . .

leigh + evan + stephanie / milwaukee = fun! leigh + evan - stephanie / driving in snow = not fun! however, since the drive was taking longer than usual, evan asked if we could stop in chicago on the way back to take a break. i agreed that a break would be good, so we got out and he took some night photography. i called dustin ddrase to see if he was around, but he didn't pick up. so evan and i ate at a greek place - the name escapes me at the moment [i don't think i have ever mentioned this, but i have an OCD where almost every single place i eat at that has a carry out menu - i take one and keep them all in a hanging folder in my filing cabinet]. after chi-town, i drove + drove + drove and evan slept. everyone i have talked to is sicky sick sick, so there MUST be something going around. anyhow, now we're back in toledo, and i should be sleeping, but i got some wonderful music related news:

R5 Productions [these shows are both in philly]:

Sunday March 2nd 7:00pm
At The First Unitarian Church (22nd and Chestnut)
$7 / All Ages / Tickets On Sale Soon at Spaceboy and

- sad piano pop that combines the lush, bittersweet sound of mid-70s
elton john with the eerie, cracked balladry of the blakc heart
procession and the off-kilter grooves of grandaddy. from seattle. barsuk
- haunting songs brought to life with classic string and keyboards.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Monday March 3rd 7:00pm
At The Starlight Ballroom (9th and Hamilton)
$12 / All Ages.21+ To Drink / Tickets On Sale at Spaceboy and

- their long anticipated return. from montreal,canada. constellation


anyhow, i swear i thought i had told shelly that mr. ben gibbard told me the prom/carissa's weird [i want to spell that WIERD instead...YARG!] were touring, but she swears i never told her that. anyhow, it's all true, tho the dates ARE NOT UP ON THE BARSUK SITE YET!

also, how did i miss this?

21 feb - nada surf/sondre lerche @ Fletcher's [Baltimore]

[thanks to kevin suemejack for that tidbit, which isn't officially announced either tho, cos gosh darn i checked. DARN FUCKING BARSUK! :) HI, i get to see sondre lerche in person - and the postal service later...hi...2003 i love thee. i am leaving toledo early on saturday morning, so i'll be back late saturday. sleep happens now, since i have to cram a lot of fun stuff in tomorrow.

ps. dcfc booking their spring 2003 tour now. yummy yum yum!

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