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"don't wake me - i plan on sleeping in..."

is it wrong that i yelped with joy when i saw christopher walken's patch said POSTAL SERVICE? shelly nerdling, dan immediatetongue, steven stevenleighcook and i hung out tonight. first shelly, steven, and i went to four seasons for dinner, then dan met us there and we went to see catch me if you can, which was actually pretty amazing! it exceeded every single one of my expectations. that, my friends, is a rarity! too many things are a let down these days. after the movie, we went BACK to four seasons for dessert. assad is absolutely the best waiter ever. each time we go there he greets us with a plate full of pickles. we worship that man.

this coming monday, it very much looks like i'll be in/on my way to toledo, oh. why? 01. to visit longtime pal, evan mellosonic. 02. to take a road trip. 03. to listen to music. 04. to clear my mind. i'm really really excited about this. hopefully, it'll still take place. anyhow, it looks pretty good right now. i am MISSING this taping of a new show much music usa is putting together in NYC that they called me back about being an audience member for. ding, shelly, sarah lazyspark [sorry i forgot!] and i were interviewed in front of the black cat a few d plan shows ago about our favourite music. apparently, they were looking for new talent, blahblahblah, anyhow...none of us became VJs, but we can be audience members for this new show. SO, it looks like (since i'll miss this week's tapings) i might go to nyc the following week just for a day or so. anyhow, it seemed like it might be fun.

i previously discussed with evan that we should drive out to milwaukee, since i'm already more than halfway there if i get to toledo and i'd like to see the MKE kids again. if you are one of the following ppl in milwaukee, wisconsin: thefuckingvold, tonydanza, or impossible, send me a text message telling me which day early in the WEEK would be a good one for me and evan to come visit. also, let me know if you [or someone you know + trust] could house us for one night or maybe two? i haven't received an email back from stephanie yet, cos she's been a busy bee, so i guess i just want to check to see to make sure someone will let us crash on their floor. oh god. my head is spinning. must sleep.

i talked with hellojenny about strange sleeping places the other night and she totally sleeps in wierd places too. i no longer feel odd for sleeping on a yo [portable spongey mattress type thing] in my closet for the past four five nights.

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