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142 photogasms of new year's eve - dc style

party @ sarah/julia's house

tom and julia

tom kissing julia

blurry tom

me + tom

me + tom + shelly nerdling

me + tom + shelly dance

me + tom + shelly dance 2

random ppl + tom + shelly

a horrible picture of leigh


shelly nose + tom in background

champagne in focus, me + tom in background

tom toasting

sean with his new haircut alifeinbooks

nic making peace with himself idiotequewords

blurry close up of me + sean

sean, eyes closed + me

cute sean + me

sean looking like he's going to choke someone out

julia doing god knows what

julia looking hella sexy

julia playing nosferatu

the lower half of a girl in a mini skirt

shelly, sad

shelly, happy

disc jockey tim

tim kissy

brian + nicole candid

brian dance + nicole looking away

brian + nicole's height difference

nicole taking my photo, ivan in background

cheryl dancing

nicole and brian dancing

marc masters super saturated warrenjabali

ivy + mario anomia + metalhedwig

kevin in a tie powerofkev

kevin as a used car salesman

ara looking dashing, or is that drunk?

the top of kev's head

nic looking HOTT

shelly + nic bear hug

shelly getting laid

nic's hands

kevin sneering + sean

kevin + sean

ara most likely drunk and/or high

jeff with his eyes closed glueslabs

jeff licking hal

illegal activities involving jeff + hal

jeff most likely drunk and/or high

a typical john masters pose, with lili in background thejam + lilotchka

jeff hiding from the camera, kind of

john masters, andy fox, lili, julia + illegal activities

julia a bit out of focus

jeff, john masters, + julia kissing john

les and brian anorakgirl

les + ara + kevin giving peace a chance

lili being kissed by julia

sean + nic + les + ara + kevin + ivy + mario phew.

nic + ara

nic + ara with 2 drinks + kevin

half of lili's head + jeff looking disgusted

john + lili out of focus, jeff trying to just say no

there is no longer photographic evidence of les here

shelly + smirnoff ice

me + hostess sarah

me + hostess sarah looking more crazed

sarah + liz

sarah sucking in?

tom's profile

tom a bit out of focus

me kissing tom a bit out of focus

jeff meeting tom

me kissing jeff + tom blocking the picture with a bottle

an aerial view of tom

a sexy side view of tom

kevin + sean on the dance floor

tom with red eyes + ara dance marathon

tom's back + ara dancing

tom puckering + ara dancing

sean out of focus

nic + shelly dancing

nic + shelly dancing STILL

blurry tom dancefloor

blurry dancefloor

shelly + nic blurry dancefloor

blurry ara leaning up against tim's dj booth

ara + tom dance off

ara doing the "greg" and tom dance off

oh so blurry

the lower half of tom

james cheeks + shelly street fighting

james + friends out of focus

james + friends medium close up

james + friends too blurry

james showing off his broken edge

james backside

james + friend dancing

sean pouty face

sean blurry face

sean blurry face again

sean with messed up hair 01

sean with messed up hair 02

sean out of focus

sean no glasses - hott!

tom's lower half - AGAIN ?

sean + tom

me + sean eyes closed

me in sean's glasses

tom beckoning me to the dance floor

karen with open mouth

karen smile

catherine's head, marc, john, and lili

a boy i don't know, ivan, and sarah in the kitchen

ivan + sarah

lili + john flashing gang signs

after party @ barnside diner

me + nic leaning

me + nic no leaning

shelly blurry

nic blurry profile

shelly + nic blurry

nic looking hott

shelly + nic smiley

shelly + nic moving

shelly blurry

shelly sleepy

shelly close up

nic close up

me close up

me looking off screen

me drinking mug from a mug

me close up looking into the lens

barnside diner

shelly sleep

nic + kitchen

nic smug + kitchen

nic reaching down

our waiter

nic blushy

chicken melt

chicken melt + mug rootbeer

shelly omelette

nic thumbs up

btw, listing these took forever. mwah.
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