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"d c s l e e p s a l o n e t o n i g h t . . . "

after a long day of work yesterday, i started my car and tried to shift into drive, but the gearshift wouldn't budge from park. after a few tries, i decided it was time to call the padre. he came out and read through the manual and got my car into drive. then i drove my car, with him following behind, over to the honda dealer, where we left it for service. i am car stupid! anyways, because my car was gone, i drove the mini van of terror to get miss shelly nerdling and we went to see god is great, and i'm small, at visions, which was good, but not great. audrey tautou made it worth the drive and many near death experiences on the road. how did i not hear anything about this film at all before randomly searching moviefone last night? *shrug*

about an hour ago, my dad brought up my mail, which today consisted only of a postcard. this postcard announced 'please SAVE the date for the marriage of Julia and Christopher' and i kept thinking, "huh?" and then it all clicked! a boy i was very close friends with in high school, chris roberts, and a girl i met off the old radiohead mailing list, julia wyatt [aka *jules*], were getting married! i introduced them around the tibetan freedom concert a few years back. earlier today, my mom told me that our next door neighbor's daughter [who i was friends with when i was younger], had gone into labor. both of these things are very good news and i don't feel longing at all to have either of these things [marriage vs. baby] right now. gah, that feels good.

hopefully tonight will feel good. one year ago, i was in your arms doing some of the same things i'll be doing tonight. let's not think about these things anymore.

jason going crazy on the keys

eric + travis [with travis looking amazingly like travis bickle]

eric rocking out

jason [this was my favourite of the whole bunch]

this one is for tasha burningblack travis hips. if you're a big fan and you feel like looking at all of them, the pictures go from /12-27-02-dplan01.jpg to 12-27-02-dplan23.jpg, so feel free to look.
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