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the dismemberment plan gets...confused!

this goes out to all the d plan bitchez + brothaz. the next time you see them, crumple up a dollar bill and throw it onstage during 'the dismemberment plan get rich'! a few of us did it tonight and it was fucking hilarious even tho travis had no idea what was going on. jason knew what was up tho! he picked up a crumpled dollar bill and laughed! i suppose you could use fake money too. that's what we would have done had i remembered to BUY FAKE MONEY today. however, i was too busy being sick all day. i woke up at 2pm, felt sick some more, went out to dinner with steven + michelle + kali [sic?] at thai old town, and then headed to the plan!

highlight of the night: travis talking about his 6 y/o cousin getting blisters from the drum set he got for christmas and saying that gameboys didn't give him blisters.

lowlight of the night: all the bitchez who stayed onstage for the rest of the show. i'm not alone on this one. this one is tied with BREAKING MY STREAK OF THE POSTAL SERVICE with 'poor souls' by owen, just that song, then i went back to the postal service. oh god.

ERIC TOLD ME THAT HE HEARD THE NEW DCFC SONGS AND THAT THEY ARE GREAT! GAR! i am jealous. i need to hear them NOW! also, eric told me to make ben's mix cd all hip hop. i was like, "ummmmm." and he said, "come on! surprise him!" i have no idea. i haven't even written out a vague list yet. i've already thought of a good cover tho. now if only i could just get it started. i have to be at work in less than 4.5 hours. insert sleep --> here!

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