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"and i know that it's not a party if it happens every night"

pickles are absolutely great at 3 in the morning. so, i'm sure that a lot of you think i'm exaggerating the number of times i have listened to the postal service album, but let me just tell you that really, i'm not. les anorakgirl witnessed it tonight when we went to dinner and when i drove us to the black cat. i was actually thinking before i picked her up "what if she doesn't like this? what if she doesn't want to listen to it? GAH! what will i do?", but she liked it so all was well. i think tomorrow i am going to break my streak tho, since i am actually going to attempt to finish the mixtape for evan mellosonic before the dismemberment plan show!

tonight the dismemberment plan were [as per usual] amazing! plus [as per usual], i saw a GAZILLION people who i haven't seen in AGES. PLUS, i met two people off the interweb IN REAL LIFE [ooh, ahh]: sonia smaksimo + stevenleighcook! SO VERY NICE! most of the show was spent with ding ceasetoexist + karen earthstar tho! YAY!

during 'the ice of boston' tonight, ding and i got up on stage and shook it. we were two of the first up there. then we were overwhelmed! i think that was the MOST ppl ever on stage at a black cat plan show. the show tonight was oversold, so basically, if yr planning on going to the show tomorrow, GET THERE EARLY, because it will sell out. this means you, lalalaini!

the first thing eric said to me when i approached him at the merch table was, "I haven't listened to it yet!!!" [It being a mix cd that i made for him OH LOOK a month ago]. his excuse was that he's had strep throat twice in the past 2 weeks. i told him there was NO excuse! if someone makes you a mix that YOU asked for, then you should fucking listen to it! YARG! if i DO succeed in making ben gibbard a mix cd and he doesn't listen to it, then i think my heart will just plain stop.
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