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"you gotta recreate your misery..."

dear livejournal,

i don't know what happened. you just deleted my entire entry. i fucking hate you. oh god, we are SO fighting. merry xmas eve to you too. grr. die die die!


01 | tonight i saw pocket rockets @ galaxy hut. there were more LJ kids there than i can even remember. at first, carmen kept getting shocked by the mic! OUCH!

02 | the postal service album is honestly more addicting than crack and i should know, because i did lots and lots of crack until i got the last two tracks of the album this morning, and i gave up crack forever.

03 | i helped nancy move today. i met her mother and her sister. i love that girl. i am going to miss her. i promised her i would go see her in minneapolis. i always keep my promises.

04 | no such thing is the first movie i have actually given up on in a long time. there is a chance i'll go back and try to finish it tomorrow, but err, well, we'll have to see. i didn't like henry fool much either, but i heard that wasn't a great hal hartley, and that i need to go back and watch trust or the unbelievable truth.

05 | i believe that tim kasher and conor oberst are the same person and that saddle creek has done a marvelous job at covering up this fact. the masks they wear are so realistic! seriously, tim sounds EXACTLY like conor on this album. oh yea, a friend just IMed me the new cursive album - the ugly organ, which isn't even out until march 4! geepers, i love the internet!

06 | i just got my grades back for the fall 2002 semester:

COMM-358-001 Video II: Producing & Directing - B+
ENGL-332-001 Introduction to Film - B+
FREN-101-004 Elementary French I - D
PSYC-100-003 Basic Concepts Psyc - F

i'm not surprised really. actually, i am pretty surprised that i PASSED french! as alex gardenhead says, D IS FOR DIPLOMA! i am anxious to know what christina and i actually got on the final video for producing & directing. i think i'll email my teacher.

07 | i am going to the mall tomorrow [today] with my mom and grandmother. please kill me now.

08 | i feel like i'm cheating on the postal service by listening to cursive right now.
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