she speaks in song lyrics (madflowr) wrote,
she speaks in song lyrics

today i am temping.
i did not want to temp today.
i woke up.
i got out of bed.
i put on my pajamas.
i walked to the kitchen.
i took mushrooms, garlic, red onions out.
i washed the cutting board off.
i got out the knife and the frying pan.
i reached for the phone.

i called the temp agency to check up on the 12-7 (dream hours) job i'd interviewed for last week. they said they wouldn't know anything until later and that they would call me as soon as they had some info. the woman i was on the line with asked if i was available to work today. i am still sick. but barely. i had no concrete plans. just making pasta sauce to go with pasta and watching 'made'. i need money [quite badly, truth be told]. jeremiah and i are buying a plane ticket for him to come out to d.c. right after xmas and i need money for that. so i am here. receptionist work. it's alright. i am getting paid to use the internet. i've been here an hour and a half and the phone has rang three times. i have put clear avery labels onto page dividers for someone who gets paid enough money to make him not have to do this himself. i'm not complaining. i just think it's funny. besides that gave me something to do for 15 minutes while waiting for the phone to [not] ring.

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