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"she just has a funny way of loving me..."

Attending 'A Very Milky Christmas' tonight alone made my trip out to the mid-west completely worth it. the time on the train here was well spent. i sat on the upper level of the train. i read most of geniuses of crack by jeff gomez (yes, coughcough, it's the sequel to our noise, which was equally awful and addicting). i napped. i listened to 14 cds in their entirety. i got a gardenburger from the dining car cafe. then i slept. when i woke up i was amazingly refreshed and woke up to see chicago's skyline. i had some time to kill, so i scurried around Chi-town and found a place called Zorba's House(?), after wandering through Greektown for something that was open at 9 a.m. i ordered the spanakopita meal and it was more than delicious.

when i arrived in milwaukee, it was absolutely perfect timing, because stephanie impossible was walking in when i was exiting the train. she is every bit as amazing as you would think, just let me say that now, via public forum. in a move that earned her even more points than she already had, she drives me STRAIGHT to atomic. no pit stops. no asking if i was hungry. no dropping off luggage! OFF TO THE RECORD STORE! omfg, hi, i'm in love with a record store.there was A LOT that i had to put down. i was a good girl, really. i almost bought the new owen cd, but i didn't 'cos laini told me NOT to, which means she is holding it hostage for me until xmas. darn! anyways, then we went grocery shopping.

then we came back here to her place, settled down, she made us grilled cheese sandwiches and we were off to AVMC. i'd love to write about it all, but i'm going to read geniuses of crack, because like crack, i am fucking addicted and i really can't stop myself. it's SO bad...yet so...good. i just emailed thefuckingvold and tonydanza to see if they could hang out tomorrow, since i really don' t know what stephanie's plan for zee day is. on monday, i've made plans to go visit dustin ddrase at maggiano's, so i'll get some good pasta. go go gadget good food!

oh god, let me just say that the show tonight was absolutely the best thing in the world and ben gibbard just might be my nicest rockstar boyfriend. he opened his set with 'photobooth'. played TWO brand new songs, an all-time quarterback! song, covered 'complicated' by avril lavigne, AND he cracked up during it. i don't really think that tonight could have been any better.

this trip is exactly everything i was hoping it to be and more.

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