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oh dearest credit card,

i promise that after today i will treat you good and start paying off the balance and everything. i promise i promise i promise. thank you oh so much for this treat, the best treat i think i've ever given myself in fact: a weekend away for an amazing event [A Very Milky Christmas 6] and a meet up with the fabulous stephanie impossible! i have to admit that before i talked to her tonight, i was still a tad wishy washy, since i am missing parties given by both seahouse and gardenhead, AND i am missing mirah, but since i'm pretty sure she's living on our coast now...i'm going to party with the midwest kids!

i don't really know how train trips work. during my layover in chicago, i wonder if anyone can come hang out with me, or if it's like the airport, where you can't leave the station. on the trip to MKE, i have an almost 2 hour gap in chicago and on the way back i have a 4 hour gap. is anyone knowledgeable about trains who'd care to give me the 411?


Train: 29

departs: Washington-Union Station on 12/13/02 @ 3:10pm
arrives: Chicago 12/14/02 8:30am
Additional Services: Reserved Coach

Train: 333

Departs: Chicago 12/14/02 @ 10:20am
Arrives: Milwaukee 12/14/02 @ 11:49am
Additional Services: Unreserved Coach

Train: 338

Departs: Milwaukee 12/16/02 @ 3:00pm
Arrives: Chicago 12/16/02 @ 4:29pm
Additional Services: Unreserved Coach

Train: 30

Departs: Chicago 7:00pm 12/16/02
Arrives: Washington-Union Station 12/17/02 @ 1:55pm
Additional Services: Reserved Coach

extra super special thanks go out to dan who has agreed to take me both TO Union Station AND pick me up from there on tuesday. oh my god. please don't let me be sick of trains after this weekend. this is my first time on them. i am hopeful. i am also packing sandwiches. lots of them. oh, i haven't told my parents yet. oops.

does anyone else think that tenoch from 'y tu mama tambien' looks like a mexican version of conor oberst? please tell me i'm not alone.

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