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"i wanna be with you tonight, with our legs crossed and our tongues tied..."

song cravings are worse than food cravings. this night has been all about cravings of sorts. i was talking to benedikte and i told her i was going to get a milkshake and then, poof, i was back with a triple thick chocolate milkshake (AKA devil juice). then i was craving to hear this owen song that andrew had played on his radio show last week, so i went to where he has it archived and tried to find it on the streaming mp3 and i couldn't get to it by dragging to the right, so i had to listen to the show again (not that this is a bad thing...i just wanted instant gratification) to get to it. in the mean time, i checked both kazaa lite and soulseek, neither of which work properly for me. so i recruited laini to help in my search. she is the bomb diggity. at the same time i finally got to the owen song, laini had started downloading it. she's sending it to me right now.

if anyone loves me and wants to get me a xmas present, buy me ANYTHING by owen, because i am broker than a joker and, um, cos i'm nice and i provide you with high quality entertainment for FREE! mwahahah. cough cough. you could find it here if you're scrambling for something to buy me. that or the new casiotone for the painfully alone - answering machine music (tomlab). actually, all of this stuff can be found at insound, so you can make a pitstop there.

"you in the cardigan.
you're tired of all your friends.
you in love with the cocteau twins;
you're bored with your boyfriend."

ahh, the sweet sweet sounds of mike kinsella. i am absolutely completely totally kicking myself for missing owen, cait, and kyle NOT ONLY ONCE, BUT TWICE at the black cat. i can't even remember what my reasons were, only that they were not good excuses. i don't regret much, but i definitely regret missing those shows. le fucking sigh.

this next bit is important. PLEASE VOTE:

Should I go to Milwaukee at the end of this week to visit Stephanie impossible and for 'A VERY MILKY CHRISTMAS' even though I'm retardedly in debt?


obligatory link to A Very Milky Christmas.

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