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"my dreams are tied to you my girl but you know that by now..."

last night i had a dream that the sha-sha-sha-shaw society went on a crazy long road trip to see the prom. when we arrived in the town, it was in the middle of nowhere, yet this town was packed with people who were there to see the baseball game, that apparently the prom were playing before. i remember walking past people in the aisles, because i said i'd meet the girls down there. then the show started, so i just sat down in an empty seat and then i remember seeing shelly walk by me blurry-eyed with tears and i grabbed her arm and asked the ppl next to me to move down a seat. so she sat down and said that this show was nothing like she'd expected. and then we talked a bit more while they were playing [which is something i really DO NOT EVER DO] and the woman sitting to my left taps me and asks if we're going to talk for the entire show. anyways, i remember after the show trying to find james mendenhall and seeing him and not believing that who i saw was in fact james, because he looked all ghetto fabulous. i rounded up the sha-sha-sha-shaw society and we prepared to leave, but we walked past a multiple scaffold, and i asked a man if they still hanged people there and they said 'yes' and then my alarm clock woke me up. errr.

and now i'm listening to the guild league again in preparation for the paper that i MUST do today now that snow is covering northern virginia and maryland bits. wow, for a second there i got really excited because i thought i heard the kettle whistling and i was thinking [oh gosh, i can make hot chocolate], but then i realised it was a part of track 04. balham rise. btw, any lucksmiths fan who likes their entire body of work should realllllllly go purchase the guild league's stuff, because it's TALI from the lucksmiths, and his songs are oh so sweet. i am going to put the kettle on, but in the mean time...

cornflakes (the guild league)

sugar on cereal.
sunlight sifts down;
through late autumn leaves to the crunchy brown ground.
i hold my arm like an 'L', with your hand at the corner.
the autumn air is freezing and your hands aren't much warmer,
but if you smile at me like that again i think i'll burst with happiness.
you make me all tongue-tied girl but you know that by now...i guess.
breakfast and beverages out of the breeze.
soak in the sunlight that's as scarce as the green trees.
stare up at flightpaths we'd like to be on,
till evening turns all the jetstreams to neon.
come on and tell me you love me one more time.
i'm going to burst with happiness.
my dreams are tied to you my girl but you know that by now.
and if you didn't know somehow then you know now...i guess.

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