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"we wasted most of winter feeling that we should stay inside instead..." - tell me tell me tell me you'll miss miss miss me — LiveJournal
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Thu, Dec. 5th, 2002 01:44 am
"we wasted most of winter feeling that we should stay inside instead..."

the guild league - jet set...go! (cd-s)
the guild league - private transport
darren hanlon - hiccups (cdep)
lucksmiths, the - t-shirt weather (cdep)
lucksmiths, the - midweek midmorning (cd-s)
salteens, the - let go of your bad days!

as you can see, i received my order from candle records earlier in the day. i actually had a really nice post together all about it and lj had to go and eat it. bad lj, bad! this morning my mom woke me up at 8:30 in the morning, to watch my grandmother [who is here, btw!] while she went and picked up shadow from the vet's (she was spayed on monday)! anyways, after groggily waking up after very little sleep [i had a nice talk with jeremiah on the phone the night before], i come to find out that i really could have slept in until 9:00, as planned, since my mom couldn't pick shadow up until after 10:00am. way to go, mom! anyhow, i got to see shadow come into the house, with an elizabethean collar on and it was absolutely amazing. i burst out laughing, because she looked absolutely pathetic in it [poor little puppy]. anyways, she proceeded to RUN AROUND LIKE A CRAZY DOG and kept slipping on the hardwood floor. i so just typed hardwoof floor, which is really appropriate. anyhow, it was a sight. she has to wear the collar for 7-10 days. i can say right now that there is NO WAY this is going to be successful, as my parents spoil her ROTTEN! watching her in the yard is very similar to watching an ostrich stick its' head under the ground, it's totally surreal.

after shadow shennanigans, i went to mason, where i walked past the lake, where the geese were walking across it, instead of swimming. oh god. i wish i had my camera handy, but i'd left it at home. GAR! anyways, i met with my partner about this presentation that is due either thursday today or thursday next week. anyways, we worked things out and i headed home [listening to 'a hundred days off' which i quite like]. i took a nap on the couch and then came up here with the good intentions of starting my paper. my intentions were shot to hell when my mom told me i had packages and i listened to everything!

dear lucksmiths,

brantastic and i had a lengthy discussion this afternoon about how you quite possibly are the key to world peace. that whole "we are the world thing" from the 80's didn't really work, did it? but hand claps and singalongs and songs about holding hands and great word puns? what the world needs now is you. do something and quick.


leigh + brandi

"So. You're looking at the back cover of the brand new single by The Lucksmiths. That's us above, by the Indian Ocean. Where are you? Clogging the alphabetized aisles (not the charts section, certainly) in some hipster record store, while behind you Luscious Jackson and Luna fans grow ever more irate? On the bus, maybe, or already home, so confident in the quality of the product and convinced of your need to own it that you barely even glanced at the packaging before handing over your money and skipping from the store? Regardless, there are some things we'd like you to know about the three songs herein."

-the back of the 'midweek midmorning' single by The Lucksmiths, which you can purchase from Candle Records.

BTW, school had BETTER be cancelled tomomorrow, since IT IS SNOWING and i so need to just finish this paper on 'ghost world' tomorrow morning. 20 minutes ago, i walked out barefoot and caught a flake on my tongue and then ran back inside. my feet are still freezing.

Current Mood: anxious
Current Music: the lucksmiths - midweek midmorning


feathers like trees
Thu, Dec. 5th, 2002 06:40 am (UTC)

i got that lucksmiths single sometime before thanksgiving and never had a chance to listen until yesterday!
regardless, they are so fabulously wonderful. indeed.

the champagne of livejournal
Thu, Dec. 5th, 2002 08:36 am (UTC)

hey. how is the guild league stuff? that's tali from the lucksmiths and some friends right?

she speaks in song lyrics
Thu, Dec. 5th, 2002 08:41 am (UTC)

it is LOVELY. i actually just made another post about them! it's absolutely amazing. you would probably love them. i think there are 15 people other than tali in this band. not at once, but who helped him with the album. anyways, it's tops. do you have IM?

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the champagne of livejournal
Thu, Dec. 5th, 2002 10:53 am (UTC)

i'll totally have to seek out the guild league. i'd seen the ep around online but not the full length. is it out here do you know? so yeah. i actually don't have im. or a computer for that matter. i just go online between calls at work, which is a good deal of the time. getting paid to be online = best job ever.

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she speaks in song lyrics
Thu, Dec. 5th, 2002 11:43 am (UTC)

it's just OH SO CHEAP to buy through candle since the australian dollar is OH SO WEAK that something that is $20 in their currency is only $10 us dollars. so, i just order directly from candle! i don't know if too many online mailorder places are stocking the guild league. i would look for you, but i'm afraid that would make me want to buy more than i already do. i went to the labrador site and listened to airliner [and about 6 other labrador bands] and i'm in love. fuck everything. why am i $2,000 in debt? oh yea, cos i am compulsive about buying records, even if i don't have the money to pay for them. oops.

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I have something to say. I lift up my hands.
Thu, Dec. 5th, 2002 10:36 am (UTC)

the lucksmiths are the key to world EVERYTHING!