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"like dominos i fall, like you want me to..."

this night needs to end right now.

if only i could make music that crushes others like this song crushes me, then maybe i wouldn't feel so crushed when i listen to other's music.

Moth In Rain

Like a moth in rain
I crawl to you
To the soft light
We'll meet in your room.
Like dominos I fall
Like you want me to.
I'll wait for you
for sometime.
I'll wait for you
It's what I should do.
In summertime
the light is undetected.
In hot days
Your face is unprotected.
I'll wait for you.
It's what I should do.
I'll wait for you.
It's what I can do.
But in the meantime,
I'll have a drink.
Will you wait for me
like I wait for you?
It's what you should do.
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