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"when i lose my sleep, it's you i miss..."

i secretly cry myself to sleep
[ andrew's radio show ]
every monday from 12p - 2p
request sadcore by calling
(301) 314-8800

listen on winamp HERE!

i was a bad, bad girl tonight and purchased the following at record & tape traders dundalk location due to their crazy crazy sale. if it weren't for the internet i would buy no records. seriously. possibly. btw, the previous statement makes sense because i never would have heard about this crazy sale if it wasn't for the e-mail i got telling me about it.

bullfrog - s/t
convocation of..., the - pyramid technology
cornelius - point
david candy - play power
delgados, the - the great eastern
high llamas, the - cold and bouncy
juliana theory, the - understand this is a dream
lerche, sondre - faces down
moby - songs
oasis - be here now
pulp - we love life
underworld - a hundred days off
v/a - the best comp in the world (fadeaway records)

i actually got 14 cds for $62.92 (yes i only listed 13, because there is one cd i need to see if someone wants, so i won't list it here) which is pretty fucking crazy and amazing and made my cry it was so crazyamazing. anyways, the main thing was that i got to see both lalalaini and anorakgirl. quite honestly, when quitting time was nearing at the olde blockbuster video, i felt i should just stay in, watch alias, and read shopgirl, which is getting more and more intriguing each time i turn the page. les insisted that i come out tonight, since she can actually GO OUT and since i rarely get to see her outside of a club setting, i picked her up from space_mike's place and we were off to b-more. i'd be happy to see les every single day, because she is one of the most interesting people that i know. anyways, we had a nice long conversation on the way there + back. i am oh so tired, but i had silver dollar pancakes + mushrooms (not mixed together) @ the boulevard diner with two of my favourite ladiez. now i have to have to have to have to watch the tape of alias, because i am a fool sucker, and i MUST must MUST must know what happened. yes. i am nerd, but some of you still love me.

btw, sondre lerche is most definitely going on the rockstar boyfriend list. benedikte, why didn't you tell me about him before? or maybe you did. hm.

addendum @ 2:41a: the song 'modern nature' reminds me of the 'lady come down' duet between colin firth + rupert everett in 'the importance of being earnest', mating with mirah's 'words cannot describe'; both make me deliriously happy. oh god.

addendum @ 2:51a: i keep wanting to type sondre leche, because apparently i am obsessed with milk.

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