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three surveys rolled into one

really, no one cares about this stuff, but why not. i lj-cut texted everything except for my favourite part of the surveys, so no one would end up hating me. well maybe a few of you won't anyways.


1) Describe, in your own words, beauty.
i think beauty is something that can be found when you're not looking for it. it's not something that you can make with your bare hands.

2) Describe, in your own words, the difference between loving and being in love.
you can love things. you can love people. you can't be in love with things.

3) Do you believe coincidences have meaning?
certain times it feels as tho they do.

4) Do you ever plan to have children? If so, how many?
i'd like to adopt two children one day.

5) Do you fear death?
yes, even tho i try really hard not to think about.

6) Do you fear life?
nope. i am all for living.

7) Do you fear pain?
physical, yes. emotional, yes - tho i kind of bring it all on myself, not by choice tho.

8) Has music ever scared you? If so, what was it?
aphex twin - ventolin [oh how i jumped when i first heard that song]

9) Have you ever genuinely hated anyone?
yes and i will continue to carry that torch of hatred in my heart forever. only one person has ever deserved this much hate tho.

10) Have you ever had surgery? If so, what kind?
i had an ingrown toenail removed once, hardly surgery tho.

11) Have you ever seen a tornado? Would you ever chase one?
nope. only on television. i would not chase one.

12) How bad (or good) is your eyesight?
very very very bad. i wear contacts and also coke bottle glasses when my contacts aren't in.

13) How do you think the world will end?
probably something out of our control will end it.

14) How important are memories to you?
oh so very important.

15) How loud can you scream?
pretty gosh darn loud.

16) How many dramatic, life-altering events have you experienced or witnessed?
this is kind of a stupid question. i don't know.

17) How many languages do you wish you knew (and which ones)?
i wish i knew every language. it would make it so easy to communicate. mainly: american sign language, french, spanish, japanese, greek, etc.

18) How soon will you get your next body modification and what will it be?
i only have my ears pierced. i was thinking of getting a tattoo, but we'll see if that ever happens.

19) How would you captivate an audience?
hopefully one day with song.

20) If given the choice, how would you want to die?
in the arms of someone i love, in my sleep.

21) If given the choice, which of your senses would you lose first?
wow, probably sight in the end. i love everything else too much. besides, i've seen a lot.

22) If you could learn a trade or skill, what would it be?

23) If you could wake up as someone else tomorrow, who would you be?
thom yorke, so i could hear all the new stuff...

24) Name one song (or more) that makes you cry, and why.
send packing (all-time quarterback!) - "there's nothing to say we haven't gone over already..." whenever i listen to this song i think about jeremiah. i just can't help it.

25) Name something you take seriously that other people might not (and vice versa).
the need i have to bring ppl together at music related events? i have no idea. SPORTS.

26) Pick your poison.
music consumption.

27) To whom have you lied?
my parents, myself.

28) What article of clothing could you do without for the rest of your life?
tube tops, thongs, flip flops worn in public, etc.

29) What do you like most about yourself?
my friendliness

30) What do you like least about yourself?
my tendancy to become neurotic for no reason whatsoever.

31) What do you wish you had been named?
eh, i'm alright with leigh, finally.

32) What have you gotten rid of that you now wish you had kept?
most of my childhood toys + my kinderegg toys.

33) What have you saved that you wish you had gotten rid of?
nothing, really.

34) What is the best live performance you have ever seen?
radiohead - 12 august 1997 @ 9:30 club

35) What is the most meaningful word you have ever heard?

36) What is the most serious crime you would be willing & able to commit?
i don't think i could commit any.

37) What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?
most recently 'the ring'. 'the amityville horror', 'the gate', and 'IT' were all super scary when i was a kid.

38) What is your best-kept secret?
if i told you, it wouldn't be a secret, would it?

39) What is your experience, if any, with illegal substances?
it's ruined a few of my friendships in the past. i'm actually pretty anti-illegal substances.

40) What is your favorite:

Mode of transportation?
my 1998 honda accord

Name, male and/or female?
vivien vs. sebastian

Planetary body?
earth is pretty neat, imho.


Type of writing instrument?

41) What is your favorite:

'sweet kisses' oil.

the sound of water hitting a sizzling pan.

i can't even begin to answer this one.

Texture or sensation?
Texture: velour is pretty nice.
Sensation: being kissed on the neck.

42) What is your fondest memory?
ever? this is a ridiculously broad question.

43) What is your greatest fear?
death, the great unknown.

44) What is your oddest or quirkiest talent?
i can flip my eyelids.

45) What is your strongest-held belief?
probably that abortion is wrong.

46) What makes you nostalgic?

47) What makes you strong?
my past mistakes and my drive to not commit them again.

48) What makes you vulnerable?
boys who listen to great music?

49) What place have you been to that you never want to return to again?
harrisonburg, va - court state theatre [just because of the ppl at the show, not because of the town, really]

50) What religion, if any, were you raised in?

51) What would you put on a vanity license plate?
YAY 4132...oh wait, that IS my license plate. when VA ups the number to eight letters, i'll get madflowr.

52) What would you teach to someone else?
the ASL alphabet

53) What would you want to be remembered for?
loving with all of my heart.

54) Where must you go before you die?
the uk, norway, japan, etc.

55) Who are "your people"?
the sha-sha-sha-shaw society

56) Who, if anyone, has broken your heart?

57) Who, if anyone, has mended it?

58) Who is the most important person in your life?
i spread my love out between my family and friends.

59) Why are we here?
to love and be loved.

60) Why are you here?
to finish this LJ survey and move onto the next.


my father thinks i am: bad with my money.
my mother thinks i am: a girl with good intentions.
my sibling thinks i am: the only person who listens to the music i listen to.
my grandmother thinks i am: her favorite granddaughter [when she can remember].
my grandfather thinks i am:
my boyfriend thinks i am: pretty good at what i do.
my best friend thinks i am: a great friend.

three things you are often complimented for = my record collection, my hair, my friendliness.
a compliment you got that made you blush = "YOU ARE AN EPIC SONG!"
you get embarrassed when = ppl make fart jokes!
makes you happy = spooning.
upsets you = when people hurt myself and my friends.

yes or no..

you keep a diary = yes.
you like to cook = yes.
you have a secret you have not shared with anyone = yes.
you fold your underwear = no.
you talk in your sleep = yes.
you set your watch a few minutes ahead = yes.
you bite your fingernails = sometimes.
you believe in love = yes.


x. movie you rented = mulholland drive (for class)
x. movie you bought = love & sex
x. song you listened to = death cab for cutie - lowell, ma.
x. song that was stuck in your head = masters of the hemisphere - anything anything.
x. song you've downloaded = k - everybody knows your name.
x. CD you bought = bright eyes - 3 more hit songs from (cd-s).
x. CD you listened to = see above.
x. person you've called = evan.
x. person that's called you = steven.
x. TV show you've watched = something on animal planet.
x. person you were thinking of = andrew.

x. you wish you could live somewhere else = yes.
x. you believe in online dating = i did.
x. others find you attractive = some of them.
x. you want more piercings = nope.
x. you want more tattoos = i might get one someday.
x. you drink = once in awhile.
x. you do drugs = heck no.
x. you smoke = heck NO.
x. you like cleaning = i don't mind it when it's on my own schedule.
x. you like roller coasters = now i do.
x. you write in cursive or print = both.
x. you carry a donor card = on my id it says i'm an organ donor.

have you..

x. ever cried over a boy/girl = yes.
x. ever lied to someone = yes.
x. ever been in a fist fight = very close to.
x. ever been arrested = nope.


x. shampoo do you use = artec kiwi.
x. perfume do you use = 'sweet kisses' oil.
x. shoes do you wear = saucony jazz or nine west cloud nines.
x. are you scared of = death.


x. of times I have had my heart broken? let's see... 8? broken into millions and millions of pieces: once.
x. of people I've slept with? 1
x. of people I consider my enemies? 1
x. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? 2 [erika + mike h.]
x. of CDs' that i own? somewhere around 1,300 now.
x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? once in the school newspaper.
x. of things in my past that i regret? probably nothing.


Tell one memory from each grade.

PRESCHOOL: kinder eggs given out with kinder surprise @ restaurants!
KINDERGARTEN: trick or treating on the army base in germany and getting treats from the lollipop lady.
FIRST: when i was cleaning up the lunch trays, erika helped me and i asked her "would you like a fig newton?" and that was how we met.
SECOND: being carried out of the classroom by both my teacher + the principal kicking and screaming for getting into trouble of some sort or another.
THIRD: a very crabby teacher.
FOURTH: ms. tinken teaching us the states + capitals. "do you know? i'll ask ya."
FIFTH: bringing in a praying mantis egg sack i'd found in a my little pony box that i'd punched holes in, only to have it hatch, while we were in class. i remember running around trying to catch all the babies with my classmates.
SIXTH: the kitty cat club, a club my friends and i started, where we talked about how stupid boys were and how dreamy nkotb were.
SEVENTH: when i first got serious about playing the alto saxophone and trying out to be in the symphonic band. oh. scaryness.
EIGHTH: getting my braces off, getting a perm, having a 49er's starter jacket, even though i knew nothing about sports.
NINTH: being OBSESSED with the song 'creep', when i first joined BMG/columbia house. mr. majeske being a great great teacher. this was when i first started slacking, however.
TENTH: my friendship with my best friend leeanne started. it ended when she started drinking and smoking weed the beginning of my senior year.
ELEVENTH: reading jack kerouac's scattered poems out loud back and forth to sean while he stroked my hair. that was right before we kissed for the first time.
TWELFTH: being (co)editor of the yearbook, skipping out on lunch to eat alone in the yearbook room. typical teenage angst stuff. breaking up with sean right before graduation.

when i was a kid, i took plenty of vacations with my family. the most fun vacations i've had tho were with my friends, namely radiohead trips.


in order:
tacoma (for one day after i was born), alexandria (virginia), wurzburg (germany), schweinfurt (germany), alexandria (virginia), fairfax (virginia), back to alexandria (virginia).

see here.

blockbuster video [may 1996 to present day]
field rep for spongebath records
field rep for beggar's banquet
employee at now! music and fashion whenever they want me [dec 2000 to present day]
cmj regional marketing representative for dc
friends & co. temp
capital cat clinic receptionist
randstad temp
synner for the street syndicate [oct 2001? to present day]


i guess i'm supposed to list them here (in order):

carl s.
chris h.
bradley b.
sean m.
mike h.
patrick b.
bob c.
bruce s.
martin w.
victor m.
dany s.
mike g.
paul l.
dan c.
chris b.
brian t.
dustin d.
brian b.
jeremiah m.
sean h.
kevin c.
joseph p. [that was just a meaningless smooch that i paid $2 for, but since i listed everyone that i've kissed here, i felt i should add his name too.]
andrew c. [yay! i don't have to pay him anything!]

boys who are crossed through means they were never what i would call boyfriends. maybe i dated them. maybe i didn't. maybe it was a one-time thing. maybe it wasn't. how many of these boys have ljs (that i know of)? 8!

A) age: 23.
B) best quality: my friendliness.
C) choice of meat: chicken vs. morningstar farms breakfast strips.
D) dream date: laying in bed listening to records and a midget would come in the room to flip the record over.
E) exciting adventure: any road trip whatsoever.
F) fave food: far too many to list.
G) greatest accomplishment: seeing radiohead 4 times in august 2001. also: putting on 3 make-out party events.
[ For some reason, H) is skipped. ]
I) interest: inhaling music.
J) jones soda: green apple.
K) kool-aid: lemonade.
L) love: music above everything else.
M) most valued thing you own: my puppy, shadow.
N) name: vivien vs. sebastian. i like names with many syllables.
O) outfit you love: any band tee shirt and any pair of jeans. foxy!
P) pizza toppings: cheese, onions, mushrooms.
Q) question asked to you the most: how many cds do you have? vs. how many records do you have?
R) respect: julie doiron
S) sport you watch: none.
T) TV shows: current - ALIAS, the practice, judging amy, e.r.
U) fave show: ALIAS vs. my so-called life
V) value: friendship
W) winter: is an appropriate time for pea coats.
[ No X) either. ]
Y) year born: 1979
Z) zodiac sign: taurus

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