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madflowr's dj set - 27 nov 2002 @ art-o-matic

higherness - aveo
the reason - laptop
leaving the house - leslies
through your skies - january
big day coming - yo la tengo
spangle - should
regular disease - blind mr. jones
leo by night - meisha
cancion de todo va mal - le mans
esta muy triste - loopdrop
bubble bath - seely
in a beautiful place out in the country - boards of canada
matrix - corvine
tova - alison's halo
since yesterday - revolver
scream the sound - the emerald down
primo or deutch - international airport
i'll be here when you wake - the reindeer section
birds in cages - eggstone
bright eyes - churchbuilder
letters - the summer in between
leave them all behind - ride
stay ahead, far behind - southpacific
full crescent crusade - antarctica

a film by marc masters (warrenjabali) was shown.

dead birds - swoon 23
a statue on easter island - vitesse
this room - the notwist
harmony - floraline
black plastic - ladytron
turn me on - superheroes
i love you, ono - stereo total
bat macumba - os mutantes

after i post this i will never speak of that night again.
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