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a sonic showcase @ art-o-matic this wednesday

on the eXit fare stage


plus in the film room: DJ Madflowr and short flix by local filmmakers Marc Masters, Sarah Avery, Liz Norris, and John Roper.

Wednesday, November 27
8 PM
Cheap beer and wine, too

LANDSPEEDER plays melodic, shimmering dream pop accented by hazy effects-laden dissonance.

ALCIAN BLUE plays distortion-drenched, wall-of-sound noise rock.

STEREOCRASH plays lush guitar soundscapes and ambient ballads.

Please arrive early, as the music is planned to end in time for you to go home and baste yr Butterball, or Tofurkey -- whichever you prefer.

a flier that tim landspeeder made for the show is here.

so, btw, I'm djing. i don't think i said anything about it on the old LJ, but there you go. if you are in the area for the holidays, then let it be said now that i expect to see your smiling face on wednesday. i haven't djed since 25 may [at the last shoegaze spectacular @ metro cafe], so this means you really do have to come out. it's free and i would love to see as many of you as possible.
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