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eric axelson on a bike

instead of going to sleep early like i should have, i made this mix for eric that i promised to make the last two times i saw him.

a mix fit for a rock star?

vitesse - the saddest day
charlene - sugarblocker
the summer in between - peace of mind
antarctica - tower of silence
international airport - icerink
eiffel tower - panorama, brooklyn
drunk at prom - a bouquet of matches
sprites - following her around
the arrogants - nothing good will ever come of this
rocketship - naomi and me
masters of the hemisphere - anything anything
secret shine - loveblind
the notwist - pick up the phone
hood - you're worth the whole world
royksopp - remind me
the reindeer section - if everything fell quiet
hayden - you are all i have
super xx man - waiting for your return
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