she speaks in song lyrics (madflowr) wrote,
she speaks in song lyrics

"i'm only falling to entertain you..."

sometimes i'll do little tests for myself and if i pass those tests then something good will happen. tonight i made a test for myself while driving up the hill of death. i thought, "if i can get back to my house in 10 breaths or less, then something good will happen." and i got back in 5. i drove really fast while listening to 'favourite fallen idol' by adorable.

stuart townsend is one hot vampire. seriously. i just went to see 'queen of the damned' with dan. all in all we both agreed that it wasn't a great movie and it wasn't a bad movie. it was alright. there were some parts that were really really entertaining. all the scenes of goth clubs were a laugh riot! lots of rubber those goths wear. the acting was really really terrible all around. vincent perez as marius sucked! the fight scenes were really really terrible. stuart townsend's nipples = priceless. he's such a doll. honestly, i'll never be able to really think of him as anyone other than jez in shooting fish.

dear stuart,
you should stick with what you're *really* good at: romantic comedies with good soundtracks. you really really sucked at lip synching to korn. you're hot, but that doesn't always cut it. stop it with the fangs. go back to the bangs.

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