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i secretly cry myself to sleep playlist - 18 nov 2002

i want to say thank you to EVERYONE who listened earlier today! at one point andrew checked and we had TWENTY ppl listening to the show online! give me a bit and i'll do yr drawings! i also want to say that i have a non-sexual crush on stephanie impossible, who sent me an awesome text msg on my phone today!

this is what you heard today:

ida - so long
bedhead - half-thought
sophia - so slow
the montgolfier bros - even if my mind can't tell you
pale horse and rider - open letter to an empty bar
will oldham - ode #3
delphine - elky pro
damien jurado - a simple hello
johnny cash - hurt
rutabega - seratonin
hayden - between us to hold
lucksmiths - all the recipies i've ever ruined [request for laini]
pedro the lion - june 18th, 1976
owen - poor fools
bright eyes/britt daniel - let the distance bring us together
ryan adams - in my time of need [request for xtian]
low - over the ocean
coastal - paris radio
yo la tengo - tears are in your eyes [request for xtian]
death cab for cutie - debate exposes doubt (acoustic)
seldom - grow up
reindeer section - budapest (demo)
dakota suite - close enough to tears
a boy named thor - annapolis
sebadoh - flame (acoustic)
superchunk - low branches (acoustic)
the sugargliders - everybody supermarket
the field mice - anyone else isn't you
k - more than wanted
AmAnSet - these days

oh yea, they're in blocks of two. he'd play two, then i'd play two. i really really miss the radio. i got to read a PSA even! oh yea, i'm going to come back in either a week [or three] and andrew and i are going to do a pop show and break his sad bastard music format. i said bastard on the air today, which i don't think is illegal, but andrew said i shouldn't say it. i'm all about breaking the rules. also, i just took a certain fortune out of my wallet that should have been taken out ages ago.

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