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"cutting corners; that's the story of yr life..."

tonight was just oh so excellent. this weekend was oh so exactly what i needed. and what is going on over the IM right now is so not what i need. must make my hands sstop shaking. must stop back from aching. on to better things ...

i secretly cry myself to sleep

andrew's radio show on WMUC
every monday from 12p - 2p

listen on winamp HERE ! ! !

you fools better listen on monday.
i'm guest djing! the request line
number is (301) 314-8800, so if
there's any sadcore you'd like
to hear, then make a request!

owen - never meant
rainer maria - paper sack
low - those girls
hayden - middle of july
rutabega - flourescent funeral
pedro the lion - june 18, 1976
unwed sailor/early day miners - the ninth ward
kyle fischer - headphones
deadwood divine - and where did i ...
death cab for cutie - technicolor girls
damien jurado - ghost of david
herman dune - the right path lays out before me
darren hanlon - cast of thousands
reindeer section - budapest
amalgamated sons of rest - my donal
red house painters - void
american analog set - punk as fuck
denison witmer - stations
pale horse and rider - badges like bruises
coctails - and you could
belle and sebastian - judy and the dream of horses
coastal - northern
saxon shore - be a bright blue
k - room
songs:ohia - blue chicago moon

yea, his show is fucking AWESOME (duh), so listen up on monday(s), ya hear?
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