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shifting yr weight from one shoe to the other

you'd think that after going to a sappy emoriffic show i'd be sad, but for once, I AM NOT! tonight was great! seldom were SO amazing. the only thing that makes me sad is that i missed them two other times they played within the past year, because i am stupid. pedro the lion were alright, but they just can't top that time i saw them at the metro cafe and covered 'let down'. oh god. just thinking about that makes me all swoony. yeesh. there is SO MUCH TO SAY that i haven't said about the past week and a half, that i really want to say, but oh god, to type it all out, geepers.

on the way to nyc on friday with shannon symptom i picked up some photos at wal-mart.

this one wins the "why the fuck did red-eye reduction not work?" award:

that's joseph plunket, the agenda's roadie, and myself. i was weak. i bought his cd, "the weight" and donated two dollars [the box in the first picture says, "tips for unemployed roadie. kisses $1"]and i smooched him in the hall. because i am a nerd and i figured that you only live once, so i should do more nerdy things like that. oh yea, laini made a tiny video too, but it was too dark to really tell what's happening. anyhow, that was at the talking head show a week or so ago. time is flying this fall.

quote of the night (collin zoratorbout):

m a d f l o w r (1:49:09 AM): at what point does one become a man?
nunchakuzorator (1:49:28 AM): never
m a d f l o w r (1:49:45 AM): HAH
m a d f l o w r (1:49:50 AM): you just called him a man!
nunchakuzorator (1:49:57 AM): oh
nunchakuzorator (1:50:04 AM): well when you have a beard
nunchakuzorator (1:50:08 AM): and/or have a child
m a d f l o w r (1:50:17 AM): HAHAH
nunchakuzorator (1:50:46 AM): or if you're mister T.....because he is THE man

second place (ding ceasetoexist)

m a d f l o w r (1:56:29 AM): i'll call yr cell and be screaming "IT"S AN EMERGENCY"
m a d f l o w r (1:56:34 AM): "STS - VERY EMERGENCY"
words out of ink (1:56:38 AM): STS SOS VERY EMERCGYSADFJSDLKf
m a d f l o w r (1:56:41 AM): HAHAHAH
words out of ink (1:56:43 AM): you typed faster than me

TOMORROW/TODAY IS RAINER MARIA and i'm going with ding, dave policywonk, and his friend andrew, who reminds me of someone i knew a gazillion years ago [1998?]. things are on the up and up.

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