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"it's all a little too funny that bees sting and bees make honey..."

dear show gods,

why do you do this to me?

wednesday oct 30

velvet lounge (DC not NY)

trembling blue stars


gersey 7:00 pm
Paper Lions 8:00 pm
Maserati 8:45 pm

Agenda 9:30 pm
I Am The World Trade Center 10:15 pm
Essex Green 11:00 pm
Dressy Bessy 11:45 pm
Of Montreal 12:30 am

Knitting Factory

Secret Frequency Crew 8:00 pm
Plankton Man 9:00 pm
Manitoba 10:00 pm
Four Tet 11:00 pm
Ladytron DJ Set 12:00 am


Dopo Yume 9:15 pm
Alarm Bell 10:00 pm
People, The 10:45 pm
Motion City Soundtrack 11:30 pm
One Minute Silence 12:15 am

thursday oct 31

Black Cat (DC not NY)

Imperial Teen

Luna Lounge

Pocket Rockets 8:00 pm
Pacific Ocean 8:45 pm
Aden 9:30 pm
+/- 10:15 pm
True Love Always 11:00 pm
Currituck Co. 11:45 pm

Flin Flon 12:15 am


LaGuardia 7:00 pm
Color Filter 8:00 pm
Pale Horse and Rider 10:00 pm
Auburn Lull 10:00 pm
Mahogany 11:00 pm
Flowchart 12:00 am

Tracy Shedd 8:00 pm
eE 8:45 pm
Tiara 9:30 pm
Aberdeen 10:15 pm
Trembling Blue Stars 11:00 pm
Edison Woods 12:00 am

friday nov 1

Acme Underground

Midsummer 7:00 pm
Red Hot Valentines 8:00 pm
Ivory Coast 8:45 pm
Paris, Texas 9:30 pm
Owen 10:15 pm
Aloha 11:00 pm
Matt Pond PA 12:00 am
Pele 1:00 am

Brooklyn Lyceum

Gary Lightbody (of The Reindeer Section) 9:30 pm
Polyphonic Spree 11:00 pm

Cutting Room

Bridget Storm 7:00 pm
Roman Candle 8:00 pm
Frank Bango and the Magic Fingers 9:00 pm
King Of France 10:00 pm
Venus Hum 11:00 pm
Superheroes 12:00 am [OH MY FUCKING GOD!]

Pete's Candy Store

Gazetteers 8:00 pm
Galactic Heroes 9:00 pm
Lunchbox 10:00 pm
Plastic Mastery 11:00 pm
Walker Kong 12:00 am

Holland Count 1:00 am

saturday nov 2

Silk City (Philly)

transmissions: ladytron dj set featuring rueben wu

Acme Underground

Blake Hazard 8:00 pm
Helms 9:00 pm
27 10:00 pm
Chris Brokaw 11:00 pm
Victory At Sea 12:00 am
Thalia Zedek 1:00 am
Loves 2:00 am

CMJ Daystage/Hilton Hotel [BADGE ONLY?]

Sondre Lerche 12:00 pm
Gary Lightbody (of The Reindeer Section) 1:00 pm
Polyphonic Spree 2:00 pm


See Venus 7:00 pm
Marmalade 7:45 pm
Sprites 8:30 pm
Allen Clapp 9:15 pm

Ocean Blue 10:00 pm
Joseph Arthur 11:30 pm

Hammerstein Ballroom

Audio Bullys 8:00 pm
Erlend Øye Sound System [erlend from kings of convenience] 9:00 pm
Simian (Mobile Disco) 10:00 pm
Cassius 10:00 pm
Chemical Brothers 11:30 pm

Irving Plaza [BUT IT IS SOLD OUT]

Desaparecidos 6:30 pm
Good Life, The 7:15 pm
Now, It's Overhead 8:00 pm
Azure Ray, The 8:30 pm
Rilo Kiley 9:15 pm
Cursive 10:00 pm
Bright Eyes 11:00 pm

Mercury Lounge

David Cross 8:00 pm
Iron and Wine 8:00 pm
Jason Loewenstein 9:00 pm
Arlo 10:00 pm
Hot Hot Heat 11:00 pm
Ugly Casanova 12:00 am


btw, the bands in italics are the bands i really want to see like A WHOLE FUCKING LOT. there are other bands playing the showcases that i want to see, but basically, there is TOO MUCH this week to possibly see and that makes me sad. i'm pretty set on going up to CMJ on friday and saturday night. UNFUCKINGFORTUNATELY, it seems as though wednesday and thursday in NYC are impossible for me to do because of schoolin'. that's alright, since i'll get to see tbs on wednesday and garageland on halloween. phew.. for a minute there!

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