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"if he realized what he could have, would he take it all back?"

dear secret admirer(s)?,

please buy me this! owen linked it on his lj, but i figure that everyone on the planet (esp. those who <3 belle & sebastian) should see this!

i think that this is the longest LJ entry that i have ever written. oh god. i don't think you want to see how long it really is...

this weekend i saw the rules of attraction and sweet home alabama, and the importance of being earnest (again).

the rules of attraction totally floored me. i saw it on saturday with jen on saturday afternoon and i dropped my jaw about 1,602 times while viewing it. nothing was particularly innovative about the script, but all the cinematic elements that went into it were amazing! its' use of music also caused me to squeak and squeal with joy, namely the bonfire scene where out of the races and on to the tracks (the rapture) played. it was masterful. at this point, i had to reach down to the floor, pick up my jaw, and snap it back into place. now go look at the soundtrack. i also really liked the backwardness in the film. it worked really well with it. i would also like to comment that i have never seen as much drug use as i saw in this film. and lastly, this film won my award for 'most disturbing scene ever in a film'. certain images from this film will be forever embedded in my mind's eye. that is film making.

sweet home alabama = not so much. it was pure fluff. sure, i laughed a good amount, but there were some gaps and ethan embry was not nearly in the film as much as he should have been. the soundtrack was poop! the special effects in the very beginning were tres mediocre. the two male leads weren't charismatic at all and neither seemed to really be in love with melanie carmichael, so i couldn't root for either one. i got sick of close ups of renee doing her 'i'm confused' puppy dog face and the set (esp. the cemetary looked RIDICULOUSLY fake). all in all, i didn't mind that i saw it, but i definitely should have waited and just seen the video. maybe the dvd will have outtakes of ethan embry. shelly and i agree that we would see it again if ethan embry was in it more! sad but true.

the importance of being earnest is excellent. the second time i saw it, it was a scoche less excellent than the first time, but still excellent nonetheless. COLIN "MUTHAFUCKIN" FIRTH is in it and he SINGS. that is the highlight of the whole film.

last thursday shelly and i went to both ash/dashboard confessional @ 9:30 club and doug martsch @ Black Cat, because we are all about racing from show to show [well, we haven't pulled something like this in a long while]. we got there just as ash were starting and OH GOD, what happened? really? what happened? i read a glowing review on sarah's lazyspark journal, but oh god, they just were not what i had hoped they would be. the old stuff was off the charts fantastic, but all of their newer material was OH SO LAME. i just could not believe it. le fucking sigh.

when dashboard were about to go on, shelly and i scooted a bit closer to the stage where i ran into both melanie; a girl i knew from the table at mason who i always thought was super nice, but i was never really friends with for some reason and thy; a girl i was good friends with in middle school and early HS. one of the very first things thy said to me was, "Wow! You like dashboard?!" me liking dashboard? shocking?! ha! anyways, it was really cool to run into both of them.

this dashboard show was almost identical to the last one i went to, except people seemed EVEN MORE INTO IT THAN BEFORE. 'this brilliant dance' still causes me to think about jeremiah and how i looped that song over and over and over and cried and cried and cried every single time. but it hurt less hearing it this time than the last time when the wounds hadn't scabbed over yet. the entire crowd was singing along and i don't know why, but it still makes me feel like i'm a part of something greater when i'm lost in a crowd of people who all know the words.

unfortunately, the people we were standing next to did not know the words and they were HUGE assholes. after taking as much shit as i could from these jerkfaces, shelly and i beat it and headed to the Black Cat, where we got there just in time for doug martsch! at the beginning of his set, he told everyone that they would be more comfortable sitting on the ground, so everyone sat down. he then said something about "this shit putting you to sleep". the show was really nice, until someone directly behind me started smoking and blew the smoke forward instead of up. grr. that made me irritable and shelly was falling asleep with her head in her hands. after he played heart (things never shared), i knew i was ready to leave, but he busted out a cover of 'pale blue eyes', which was really great, but we left after that, because the time had come.

on the way home, i got the weekday 3 piece chicken special (with fried rice) at yum's with a rock creek lime soda. i said goodnight to shelly and then i had the best meal i have had in forever. no joke. when you're craving something and you feed that craving, that is heaven.

friday night, shelly, shannon, nancy, and i piled into de voiture de leigh and went to see ara dj at the marx cafe's 'taking the piss'. it was a good time and shannon took long exposure photographs of me drawing with a candle. yea...they're awesome. anyhow, then we headed back to my house, where we started watching tiobe (what a wierd acronym) and i fell asleep during the middle. anyhow, that was when i conked out and nancy took a photo of me sleeping with my mouth hanging open on my webcam. NERDALICIOUS!

saturday night, shannon and i ventured out to UMCP to see dead vice prez/pocket rockets/the agenda. OH MY. i have heard about dead vice prez, but i finally got to witness their antics with my very eyes! it was PURE CHAOTIC JOY! yea - i'm on the bandwagon. i downloaded all the mp3s off their site and you should too. for once, dan immediatetongue and i agree on a band! WAHEY! anyhow, it was tops. shannon and i felt SUPER OLD at the show. it's wierd, because at dashboard i didn't at all, yet at this show i DID. we were packt like sardines in a tin can in the WMUC studio, yet it was a grand time. p roxx rockt the house as always and i finally got to see the agenda, who were good, but not nearly as great as label mates maserati + paper lions. i think maybe i'm getting a little sick of the whole garage resurgence now. again, sad but most likely true. after the show, we went to plato's and felt quite small, since everyone there was 1) younger than us 2) wearing a hoodie 3) had dyed black hair 4) had a chain wallet. i decided to order these potato + cheese croquettes, because i am all about food adventure these days. in the end, i should have just ordered spanakopita. eff. oh well. it was a good effort on my part, but the food defeated me in the end.

on the way back from CP, traffic was completely stopped 2 miles before the woodrow wilson bridge FOR ONE FULL HOUR. yep, i had to pee more than i have ever had to pee before in my life. this resulted in much ridiculousness which i will not mention here.

sunday i worked all day. mike h. (finally) came to visit me at work and he checked out my car speakers and said he would have to check it out further once he got the proper tools. yargy! then later that night i went to see a late showing of 'sweet home alabama' with shelly (which i wrote about up there ^ because i tell non-linear stories). that brings us to the present day, in which i woke up at 9:30, immediately called christina, who said she was feeling gross and that she would call me around 12 or 1 and come over then so we could do the re-shoot for the commercial for our video prod. class. to kill some time, i watched the practice with my mom, then dropped my car off to get 4 new tires and an oil change! MY CAR IS NOW CAPABLE OF DRIVING LONG DISTANCES, which is hella good, because i am taking quite a few road trips in both oct. + nov. dan showed up after he showered and we ate chinese food that i picked up from magic wok and not too long after did christina and timaj show up and we got down to business. the shoot was good and our original storyboard FLEW OUT THE WINDOW, which is alright, because in the end dan got to wear a puffy vest and headphones and a scarf and dance, which may or may not have been as good as tim dancing. that IS a toss up, no?

i just realised that this post has been +/- 2 hours in the making. that is a surefire sign that it's done with. usually i just change the local time to read the time at which i finished the entry, but this time i'll leave it alone. it's 7:30 and i might as well get to cleaning my room now. tonight = army of pirates @ Galaxy Hut!
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