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let's stick with the gameplan, girls.

the december pact: game on!

who [finally] saw coheed & cambria tonight? i did, i did! can't you tell by the look on my face? and why is the mp3 that i have of 'junesong provision' different from the one on the c&c album? eff.

earlier today, i finished reading haruki murakami's after the quake, a collection of short stories that was just amazing. i strive so hard to write short stories in a similar stype. i know i've got a long way to go, but i have big ideas [radiohead]. i also FINALLY got throught to symantec, where i talked with a 19 year old boy named jacob and he talked me through the problem we've been having with norton antivirus and for only $29.95 at that! fucker! tonight i made one of the worst music puns i have ever made and now i can't remember it, which is for the best. shelly and i calling 'game on' for the december pact is also for the best.

i created a new LJ community, bandphotography. if you take photos of bands, check it.

after seeing coheed & cambria at the 9:30 club, shelly and i drove to four seasons, where we got carry-out [1 piece of pie + 1 piece of cake] and then she helped me study for my french test. then i got my sad on. and that would bring us up to present tense.
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