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when our hero contemplates playing the saxophone again

oh my oh my. oh these days! two nights ago, i bore witness to yet another drop dead gorgeous night of instrumental splendor when i saw fly pan am + do make say think at the ottobar. a table full of lj kids were present as well. it is documented with photos by many of those kids. i really can't put into words why instrumental music hits me so hard. i know it has something to do with the fact i played alto saxophone from 5th grade through the end of 12th grade. seeing live music that includes saxophones or other symphonic band type instruments has always blown me away. while at pop shows i tend to keep my eyes open as much as possible so i can see everything that is happening on stage, where as i closed my eyes time and time again at this show. i can't make up my mind who i liked more. in the end i think it was a complete tie, which is excellent. i closed my eyes a lot at the talking head maserati show as well. when music hits you at a time that you really really need it to hit you and it enters your soul through your ears and it speaks to you in the way that you need it to speak to you; that is better than anything in the world.

in the quiz laini put up on her lj, one of the questions was:

15. if you had to give up either music or sex for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

and of course, i answered SEX and i that know it's true. because music = life. who cares about sex?

i actually did my french homework the other night, which is pretty darn amazing! now if only i could bring myself to attend le classe de psychologie as well. oops! i think i've been approximately 2 times now [and one of those times was for a test which i have not even picked up yet]. over the weekend, i saw movies. oh, move me? on friday i saw moonlight mile with shannon and i teared up three separate times. ladies, ladies, ladies, bring yr hankies and bring a cup to drool into cos our boy jakey looks like one hot potato! i seriously pawed at the screen a few times. le sigh.

on saturday morning, i went to mason and met christina [who refuses for some reason to get a lj] where we talked about the rvng commercial we were going to film that day. tim called us back and we went to pick out his duds for the commercial, which is really fun for me; picking through cute boy's wardrobes! anyhow, we settled on it and then went to my house to put our set together, which consisted of hammering a white sheet up to a wooden beam on the ceiling with thumbtacks. the filming went really well. tim was a good sport and was perfect for the commercial. i looked like a FOOL, however, when we watched the footage.

treatment of the commercial: spoof of the gap commercials. starts with c/u of girl's feet tapping to music [which is tahiti 80's 'heartbeat'] and then dissolve to boy's feet tapping to the music. dissolve to girl's mid-section dancing to music. dissolve to boy's mid-section dancing to music [he is dancing really nerdily] and he starts to spin...dissolve to girl dancing medium c/u. w/an evil look on her face. pulls sharpie out of her pocket. dissolve to boy's back dancing medium c/u. taped to his back is a "kick me" sign written on yellow legal paper. at this point, it will fade to a black screen and the words "get even" will be on the screen for 4 seconds. then that will dissolve to a medium long shot of the two dancing together and the girl is watching the boy dance and scooting away from him. at this point, we'll superimpose the RVNG logo in a gap-like box over top of the dancing kids.

are we going to re-shoot? UNFORTUNATELY, it seems like we have to and we might, sadly, have to use different talent, since tim seems to be busy this week/weekend. in the end, we only had 17 minutes of footage from saturday afternoon. i was SHOCKED when i saw that was how much we had. because we were in my basement for what seemed like forever. i took pictures of the 'making of' so when i become a fancy smancy director, i can put them somewhere as a dvd egg. i am so fucking loopy today. why is this? OH YES, it's because i just took a MARATHON nap from 7:40p until 10:00p. oops.

saturday afternoon, after i dropped christina and tim back off at mason shelly came over and we went to dinner at thai hut! which was num nums except for the fact i ordered a kiwi daiquiri there and my lips started itching and my face got all flushed. i've experienced minor allergic reactions with kiwi before, but never this bad! my lips were ITCHING and not just for smooching! i didn't feel like i was going to die, just a bit tingly...then kevin a. called us and we told him to meet us at four seasons for a mini-bday celebration! he was hesitant at first, but the power of the sssss was overwhelming! we were there before kevin, so we asked told our waitress that it was our friend's bday and she asked his name and said that he got a piece of cake or pie for free and that they sang to him. OH BOY OH BOY! three drinks later; one apiece thankyouverymuch, we were acting like total nerds, and THEN the four seasons lady waitresses came out and sang happy birthday to him and we chimed in. OH LORD. it was ridiculous! kevin was all blushyblushy! last year members of beulah and mates of state sang him happy birthday after their black cat show! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? anyhow, the four seasons crew was close to being that awesome! then shelly and i did something i can't even remember now, but it involved being a bit tipsy and with access to crush boys? OH GOD. oops. never again.

then i worked all day sunday at BBV and that night saw FPA/DMST at ottobar with the entire SSSSS and shannon and everything, which i just gushed about up there ^. yesterday was a day of nothingness until shelly and i went to see sandra cisneros read from her new book, caramelo at olssons courthouse. i walked into the reading knowing that i hated her voice, but enjoyed her story telling. i left feeling the exact same way. after that shelly and i went back to my house, where i took gardenhead off my friends list for charging me full price for a lord of the rings candybar at olssons! god, i am a BITCH! then dan came over and shelly fell asleep and dan and i watched nine queens, which was the spanish equivalent of the usual suspects. aka = GO RENT IT, YOU DOPE!

i gave three people lj codes today. i know that jeanni is starting one soon and that makes me happy, cos JEANNI RULES! oh god. this is way long and i have to work on evan mellosonic's mixtape! i am so behind!

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