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"i've nothing to say that we haven't gone over already..."

there is something about this song's structure that makes me sad. unfortunately, something about it also makes me leave it on loop forever. then the tears come.

why do plans never work out on the nights that i need nothing more than to get out of the house?

today i accomplished the following things: picked up my keys at blockbuster, cleaned the computer room up a bit, and then watched the last 30 minutes of mazes and monsters, which had perhaps the worst acting i have ever seen in my life. after it ended, my day slid further downhill. and it just keeps going. i should have stayed in bed, like the aerospace song. btw, aerospace are not playing with the sprites tomorrow at the hut. they cancelled their tour. i'm just making sure ppl know that.

highlight/low point of my day: purchasing a permanent lj acct. because i am a nerd through and through. this nerdy girl needs her sleep now.
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