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where to begin. where to begin.

exit bar on saturday night = fun in the end. bright eyes on sunday night = good. really good. i was feeling super duper emo, so i went upstairs to be by myself and whoever was doing sound (?) i suppose played this mix including: both a beulah song and a hayden song! and that was wonderful. bright eyes started JUST as 'dynamite walls' finished! anyhow, they were super duper. basically, my feeling after the show ended = i want to become an indie icon that the boys love and the girls envy + THEN i want to take ALL OF MY FRIENDS ON TOUR WITH ME! YES!

more great music:

if you want to see a FANTASTIC show, check out maserati live, because honestly, they are one of the most intense live acts that i have ever seen in my life and you know that is saying a lot, because i see a heck of a lot of shows. to sum up their greatness: i've already seen them 6 times. i've videotaped 3 of their shows now. PLUS, i'm still aching to see them more (and i will get to tomorrow night in richmond and friday night in baltimore). soo, really, you should go see them, because they are playing in a city near you. plus, they are the most swell guys in the universe. oh yea and matt bought me a bottle of ace pear cider, which i drank far too quickly.

oh, duh, info on maserati can be found here: kindercore records.

Maserati and Paper Lions

sept-24 richmond,va @alley katz
sept-26 charlottesville,va @tokyo rose
sept-27 baltimore,md @talking head
sept-28 jersey city,nj @uncle joes
sept-30 nyc@ the knitting factory
oct-1 lowell, Mass @evos arts
oct-2 boston, Mass @ the midway cafe
oct-3 new haven,ct @rudys
oct-5 morgantown,wv @123 pleasant st
oct-6 columbus, oh @ bernies distillery
oct-7 chicago,il @the empty bottle
oct-9 s. bend,in @higher grounds
oct-10 st. louis, ms @lemmons
oct-11 louisville,ky @rudyard kipling
oct-12 athens,ga @caledonia lounge

Rock Across America Tour w/ I am the World Trade Center, Maserati, The Agenda and Paper Lions

10-16 Gainesville, FL Common Grounds
10-17 Tampa, FL Orpheum
10-18 Miami, FL Club Revolver
10-19 Orlando, FL Will's Pub
10-20 Tallahassee, FL Beta Bar
10-25 Mt Pleasant, SC Village Tavern
10-26 Columbia, SC New Brookland Tavern
10-27 TBA
10-28 Bennington, VT Downstairs Cafe
10-29 TBA
10-30 New York, NY CBGB's Kindercore CMJ Showcase


nov3-lynchburg,va--TBA- w/ mercury program and helms
nov4-nashville,tn @springwater- w/ mercury program and helms
nov6-atlanta,ga @the earl w/ karate and explosions in the sky
nov7-baton rouge,la-TBA- w/ mercury program
nov8-austin,tx-TBA- w/ mercury program
nov9-elpaso,tx @regel begel w/ mercury program
nov10-phoenix,az @modified w/ mercury program
nov11-san diego,ca-TBA w/ mercury program
nov12- los angeles,ca @silver lake lounge w/ mercury program
nov14- arkadia,ca @humbolt st. univ w/ mercury program
nov15- portland,or --TBA
nov16-seattle,wa @chop suey
nov17-missula,mt @jays upstairs w/ mercury program
nov18- st. lake city-TBA
nov19-denver,co-@ 15st tavern w/ mercury program
nov20-kansas city,mo @hurricane w/ mercury program
nov21-memphis,tn@ young ave deli w/ mercury program
nov22- atlanta,ga @the earl w/ mercury program and fin fang foom
nov23- athens,ga @tastyworld w/ mercury program and fin fang foom

and this is the part where i go to sleep and wake up far too early.

ps. if you're going go see them, tell me so i can relay funny msgs through you to them. oh my god. seriously, you better go or i am going to break your kneecaps. plus, paper lions = YUM YUM YUM as well. sleep comes now.
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