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"you were the last one; please come back some day..."

it's funny how a few words can make me feel better
(even tho they make me feel sick at the same time).

Black Cat
Nov 4th, Monday 8:30pm

this is [seriously] like a dream bill to jeremiah. ouch.

last night i drove to dan's after my class ended at 7:15 and when dan, shelly, and i were about to leave his house to go meet shannon at my house and see stealing harvard, i burst into tears. i failed my french test on tuesday, bawled my eyes out on wednesday, skipped my french class on thursday to write a treatment for this commercial we are making in my video production class, and then i failed my psychology test.

i am slowly unravelling. if by slowly, i really mean quickly, the previous statement is true.

'stealing harvard' has a secret scene if you wait in the theatre after the credits have rolled. however, it's only a bloopers reel.

after that we went to four seasons, of course, where assad presented us with a plate piled with pickles. he is awesome.

i just wrote a check for $400 to my evil evil credit card company. i am so broke it's not even "funnylikeitoldyouso".

i have to return my movie [blow-up], which is already a week late, but i don't feel like leaving the house.

shelly will be here at 7:30, then we're off to see 'igby goes down' then army of me [formerly cactus patch] at the black cat. whenever someone argues that people don't need music, books, and film to escape, they obviously don't know me.

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