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a total w.a.s.t.e. of time.

i have french homework to do, so of course i did a useless survey instead:

action figure: thundercats vs. my little pony.
actor: jake gyllenhaal [at the moment].
actress: audrey tatou
amusement park ride: the swings at king's dominion?
animal: marmosets vs. kangaroos vs. koalas vs. komodo dragons vs. tarsiers.
apple: red delicious or golden delicious [what can i say - i like my apples to be delicious]
arcade game: ms. pac-man
art: stanley donwood
bagel flavor: everything.
ball: those little bouncy ones you used to be able to get in vending machines.
ballet: n/a.
band: radiohead
bar drink: malibu baybreeze
bathing suit: a red one with white piping i have is alright.
beach: ocean city, md.
beach activity: collecting seashells.
bed size: queen.
bedtime: before 2:00am.
berry: straw.
bird: emus vs. ostriches vs. red-winged black birds vs. penguins.
birthday party: mine?
blanket: this horribly ugly yet soft blanket on my bed.
board game: scrabble.
book: the perks of being a wallflower possibly.
breakfast: big dippers.
bridge: no favourite.
bug: praying mantis vs. rolley polley
candy: kinder eggs vs. cadbury creme eggs
car: honda accord
car color: forest green maybe.
card game: solitaire [i'm so emo]
carnival food: CANDYFLOSS! YUM!
cartoon: danger mouse! [god i miss that show]
cat: british shorthair.
chair: the big blue one in the family room.
checker color: red.
cheese: muenster.
christmas song: when i get home for christmas (snow patrol)
church: the national cathedral is pretty spectacular.
city: philadelphia vs. portland vs. new york.
clothes color: bright colors, any colors.
coin: wheat ear penny.
collection: record.
color: forest green vs. yellow vs. orange. vs. red. vs. blue.
columnist: none.
comedian: none anymore.
comic strip: calvin and hobbes vs. liberty meadows (no more, sadly).
company to invest in: radiohead corporation?
condiment: salt.
conditioner: artec kiwi.
constellation: big dipper.
conversation starter: "you are so hot - i would like to steal yr digits..."
country to dream about visiting: england!
couple: thom + rachel.
crayon: silver.
cup: of noodles.
dairy food: chocolate eighth continent.
day of the week: saturday.
deli meat: morningstar farms breakfast strips.
department store: macy's?
diner: tastee 29 [now called the 29 diner].
disney character: stitch!
dress: this one i have that i need to get tailored, apperently.
egg style: big dippers.
encyclopedia: m-w
exercise: riding bikes
fast-food restaurant: taco bell.
fish: those really bizarre ones with the lights on their heads.
flag: union jack.
flintstones character: n/a.
flower: gerber daisies.
font: arial tied with verdana.
foreign language: french, maybe?
fruit: kiwi vs. strawberry vs. starfruit
gemstone: emerald.
golf course: the putt putt course at lake accotink.
gymnastic apparatus: stationary bicycle.
hair accessory: cute barrettes.
hair color: dark dark brown.
hair product: artec water wax.
hero: thom "i'm back to save the universe" yorke.
holiday: christmas.
hotel: parker merdian [nyc].
ice cream flavor: ben & jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough vs. pecan pie.
instrument: bass guitar.
island: hawaii?
jay leno skit: ?
jellybean flavor: cherry vs. pear.
juice: martinelli's apple juice.
m&m color: dark brown.
magazine: can i just say mcsweeneys?
make-up: naturistics lipgloss.
medicine: dimetapp = yum.
meteorologist: bob "sexpot" ryan.
monopoly piece: car.
month: december.
movie: pretty in pink. amelie. love & sex. plan b.
muffin: blueberry.
museum: hirshhorn.
nail polish color: cotton candy pink?
name: vivien. sebastian.
national park: skyscraper national park [oh wait, i've never been there].
newspaper: the washington post.
number: 13.
pajamas: panties!
panties: red [gasp] ones.
party: spilt milk.
pasta dish: barilla linguine with sauteed onion and garlic sauce.
pen: blue papermate medium.
perfume: sweet kisses oil.
person to gossip with: depends.
pet: cindy [r.i.p.] vs. shadow.
phase of the moon: full.
photograph: thom yorke with ice cream on his face.
pick-up line: "you are so hot. i would like to steal yr digits..."
place for a massage: neck vs. shoulders vs. feet.
place to be alone: in my car.
place to people-watch: shows.
planet: saturn.
play: hedwig & the angry inch vs. cabaret.
playground equipment: swings.
poetry/prose piece:
pope: n/a.
pop-tart: n/a = gelatin = ew.
position to start in tic-tac-toe: top left corner.
potato style: garlic + mashed + skins.
prayer: n/a.
prefix: sex-.
president: jfk.
public bathroom: yuck.
radio station: wpfw 89.3.
salad dressing: ranch rarely.
sandwich: garlic chicken in baked pita from elie's deli.
saturday night live skit: the cheerleaders vs. jeopardy.
seafood: none. i like them alive, thankyouverymuch.
season: winter.
seinfeld episode: soup nazi.
shampoo: artec kiwi.
shape: star.
sheets: tommy hilfiger gerber daisy sheets [don't laugh].
shoes: sauconys.
sleeping position: on my side with my arm underneath the pillow yet inside the pillow case with the other arm wrapped around santa mouse.
song: a reminder (radiohead).
soup: chicken and wild rice from panera.
stamp: the ones with insects on them vs. the flower ones.
state: new york vs. oregon.
stuffed animal: santa mouse.
sub: veggie max from subway.
talk show: ricki lake.
tea: peppermint.
teacher: mrs. leedom vs. dr. weinstein.
television show: alias.
temperature: 50 degrees.
thing to chew on: bubble gum.
thing to doodle: boys and girls with big eyes and pouty lips.
tie: skinny ties. depends on the outfit.
toothpaste: crest whitening?
toy: easy bake oven?
tree: apple.
vegetable: avocado vs. cucumbers vs. garlic.
video game: tetris vs. super mario 2 vs. faxanadu.
way to eat oreos: dip into milk. chomp the wet parts quickly. continue until cookie is consumed.
word: candyfloss
yogurt flavor: none anymore.

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