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"we lay on the bed there; kissing just for practice..."

not having a working stereo in my car is driving me crazy. when i drove dan, shelly, kevin, and ding out to meet the other lj gang member, ben, at arundel mills mall i took my mom's mini-van, so we could have music. and then the tape player started acting up. after a bit it was back to normal, however, i am now left thinking i am technologically cursed. why did the words to punchdrunklovesicksingalong just come into my head ["a beautiful girl can turn yr world to dust"]? when the lj gang [3/4 the ssss + boys?] went to see 'the good girl' the other night, shelly and i realised that we cannot NOT sit next to each other at the movies because we SO wanted to say ridiculous things to each other but settled for gestures instead. i am really happy with my friends. this is the first time [in a very long time] i can say that. before there was a lot of longing for things to be different. thank you lj jesus for making things happen the way they did! after seeing 'the good girl', we DRAGGED them to paper moon [sorry ben, they agreed to it at the absolute last minute!] where we were asked what belle & sebastian was [because of ding's shirt] by a gay couple + their friend. i am wearing a shirt that shelly bought me and i am running late for kind of like spitting [or kind of like sucking - that's what jen said].

last night i did not see metropolitan. i know, i know. -1000 scene points. but last night was really nice. and spent with a nice boy.

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