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i am a copycat.

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 31260
Date Created:2000-12-07
Number of Posts: 186

"madflowr" is a model that has been in the works for 23 years and counting. She is an adorable creature with huge brown eyes and pouty lips. We are in the process of fixing her nearsightedness, but in the mean time, we have affixed glasses and/or contact lenses to this creature. Unfortunately, at this point in time, this creature is considered unsound.
+ is loyal to a fault
+ is energetic [We have been trying to lower her energy level and have been unsuccessful so far]
+ has much knowledge of independent music
+ has a deep affinity for film
+ possesses a voracious sexual appetite
- her naïveté
- is indecisive in regards to which male creature she would like to mate with
- is unable to conform to any given sub-genre
- is stubborn
Special Skills:
+ mastery of mixtaping
+ creative baking
+ making u-turns
+ speed reading
+ making new friends
- sha-sha-sha-shaw!
- your mom jokes
- fingerpointing
- "crazy eyes"
- emo tears
- the swoon of death
Pet Peeves:
+ bad drivers
+ when smoke is blown in her direction
+ immediate tongue
+ bad spelling and/or punctuation
+ when others wear flip flops in public

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