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"i can't sleep forever. where will i go?"

overall, today was a good day. these past few days i have eaten like a queen tho i am diving into credit card debt to do so. ah well. i got this shirt for free and i drew the picture:

-made by evan + ryan at RVNG. if you're big into unique clothing, check out their site. not ONLY are the clothes made by two ridiculously cute boys, but the clothes are all HELLA hot! i've said my piece, now do yr part.

GAH! shelly and i saw 'possession' tonight. last night i made her watch 'return to me'. we are all about the movies. i figure it's alright, since usually we overdose on the shows! school starts on monday. i still can't believe it. ohmy. 'possession' was a very good film. i think i would have loved it IF ONLY THEY HAD CHOSEN A DIFFERENT MALE LEAD. what the fuck is up with aaron eckhart and ppl thinking that he is a hot tamale?

dear girls and boys who think mr. eckhart is attractive,

you are wrong.


i just copied laini's style. i love laini. and that love is returned sista style. so it is alright.

tonight i am going to sleep with my fingers crossed and my eyes closed.
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