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"but she'd make a bee line for the door if it was up to her..."

this weekend scooted by in a blur. on friday, i saw the carlsonics @ the velvet lounge with niko. they were [as always] grreat! i felt really claustrophobic tho, due to the fact it was crowded and smoky and one person i did not feel like seeing was in attendance. however, they did a cover of 'white rabbit', which was [i am pretty sure] the best cover i've ever heard of that particular song. after their set, we went outside for some air and were reminded that tom was djing at the marx cafe. *so* we made our way to mt. pleasant and i surprised tom. i hadn't seen him in ages. it was really nice actually getting to hang with him for a bit. my impersonation of him was getting weak, but now i've got it back! yay! also, i ran into julia, which was great as well! niko and i had only planned to stay for a half hour, because we were going to try to make it back to the velvet lounge to see thee snuff project. that did not happen. we were there until 2:30ish? or so, playing catch up and watching tom + his dj partners play records and talking to ppl i'd never really talked to that much. when we looked at the time, that was when it was time to leave.

things i will not go into further detail about:
[x] talking with a crush at velvet lounge/the marx cafe.
[x] the fact that i told someone very frankly the way i [still] feel about them.

niko said he needed some milk [by milk he meant soymilk], so we went to harris teeter's and got him some milk and me four different fake meat products that the safeway by my house does not carry [not to mention two cases of vanilla coke]. then i dropped him off, and headed home. my head hit the pillow around 5:00am.

around 2pm shelly and i were (supposed to be) off to philly! we ended up leaving late [as always it was my fault] and hanging out at laini's a nice bit so i could give her the mixtape i had finally made for her. whee! then we were really and truly off to philly. we made pretty good time to the venue and paid our way in, got BRACELETS [so much better than hand stamps]. we ran into kyle on the street and asked what time they would be going on and he said 11:30, which gave us enough time to make our way to kingdom of vegetarians where we consumed yummy fake chicken products! nums! then we cabbed it back to 1616 locust to see rainer maria! i talked to bill before they set up and he said next week was going to be his 10 year anniversary of being vegetarian! i was wowwed! but anyhow, THEY WERE AMAZING AS ALWAYS! shelly had never seen them, so it was so neat to be there with her! gah! they were so great. i videotaped it = yay. some guy i didn't know came up and started adjusting my camera and i tapped him and said, "um, can you leave it alone?" and he kept adjusting and then i gave him the evil eye and said, "it's fine the way it is." and he left it alone but kept looking down into at it. um? hello, the cam is mine mine mine and i set it up the way i wanted. um. yes. then i danced a lot. shelly poked me once and said "hey, that guy over on the other side, he looks like yr type and he's been looking over at you." i had noticed and he was super cute, but there was a girl wearing a slutty shirt next to him and then he pulled out a cigarette. at that point he became so o o not my boyfriend! in any case, rainer maria ruled the school, but they only played about 40+ minutes. they didn't come back for an encore. i was in shock when they started breaking their equipment down, because they hadn't played 'breakfast of champions'. i stood there with my mouth hanging open and the word, "huh?" on my tongue. i leaned towards kyle and asked why they hadn't played it and he said something like, "oh, if i'd known that was the song you had really wanted to hear, we would have played it." to which i let out the saddest sigh i have ever sighed in my life. and unfortunately that might be the truth.

the drive home was nice. we did djswifty's MASH game while he was on break at work and then shelly did mine. my results were SPECTACULAR, tho i will not share them with the whole of LJ. we made it home in approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes and i proceeded to stay up until the dawn broke again. then i slept. then i talked to jeremiah a bit on msn messenger and it was okay. sigh. late this afternoon, my family celebrated my aunt, uncle, and cousin's birthdays at their house in falls church. then shelly and i went to see chaz's project, brahm, at galaxy hut. in other words, tonight we did not go see rainer maria in NJ @ krome, tho kyle said that they were definitely playing 'breakfast of champions'. at 1:30ish tonight dan (immediatetongue) came over and we started watching the cat's miaow, which was just awful, and then we settled on animal planet. and now it's monday. and that means the hirshhorn with alex gardenhead. one week from today i will not have the luxury of going to my favourite dc art gallery on a monday. le sigh. it is oh so wrong that i am not asleep. it is oh so wrong that i am not tired. one bit.

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