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spilling drinks all over myself (and tables) and spilling my heart all over the page

i wonder if the throbbing will ever stop entirely. i don't think it will, but distractions are helping. and helpful. even if my heart does skip a beat when i see the word 'call' on my cellphone. i think it means it's him, but it's never him.

what i think of love [chicken nugget style]:

today i checked a few things off my TO DO list. these included looking at the schedule of classes and registering for one, getting waitlisted for another, and deciding to try and force add two more. i also called USAA and told them to hold off on upgrading me to a gold card with a limit of $2,500. i told the lady on the phone that it was important that my credit card NOT be upgraded. i am quite broke with a $1,300 credit limit, thankyouverymuch. my all time biggest accomplishment today was finishing laini's mixtape cover [the tape was done last night]. the reason that this is SUCH a feat - i have known laini forEVER (she is my sista and all, yo) and i have never made her a mixtape. so here is the SIDE to the fruits of my labour:

taking photobooth pictures with nerdling and powerofkev. however, i am not going to upload these photos until these ppl give me their permission. and the pics i took are being sent out so i'll upload them when they've been received! purr. but here's one of me looking emo emo emo but i was really laughing.

tonight shelly and i saw kyle fischer for the 2nd night in a row. he is so great-o live. esp. when he sticks his hand down his pants. i have no effing clue as to why only um 7 ppl were present at the show other than myself, ding, shelly, and kevin. what the fuck, baltimore? even dc had more of a turn out the night before that. erm?

the dismemberment plan @ fort reno on monday was fanfuckingtastic [evenifididseethisguythatiusedtodateatguapo'sanditmademefeelfuckingsick]. i videotaped the show. my arms still hurt. apparently we are going to try to see them in nyc? or maybe just philly cos eric said to. i love love love eric eric eric. even if he did diss radiohead and say that he can just put on ok computer instead of seeing them live. um. that's just wrong. he called my name out when zee posse was leaving guapo's and i chatted him up about their trip to spain. and he touched my arm a lot. and i play fought him. DAMN ROCK STAR CRUSHES! you play dirty when yr all cute and shit.

sha-sha-sha-shaw society members:

damn it potatoes!
sts that shit!

my check list now consists of:
[ ] paying for my class(es) at mason.
[ ] updating my shows list.
[ ] mailing benedikte's bee package.
[ ] finishing the screen for the sha-sha-sha-shaw society shirt.
[ ] work on another sweet person's mixtape.
[ ] finish flyboy action figure comes with gasmask [where oh where is shannon, anyhow?]
[ ] work on my new webpage [thanks ever so much scott motorways
[ ] put some stuff on ebay

it is sleep time. tonight was good.
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