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"i don't want to break your heart, i don't want to let you down..."

this last week and/or two weeks has gone by in a blur. a lot has happened that i still don't feel like addressing. anyone close to me has a general idea as to what's been going on. but good stuff has been happening. really.

5 recent photos i took with my lomo supersampler:
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friday morning i went to see 'signs' with my mom. it was actually quite breath-taking. it made me heart m night shymalan again! that night i stayed home and i attempted to finish laini's BIRTHDAY mixtape, which *so* did not get finished. then i made a voucher for it instead and worked on the screen for the sha-sha-sha-shaw society tee shirts, which is still not finished, because the angel wings keep looking wierd when i do them, so i've rinsed the screen off about 4 times so far. argh. i just need to effing DO IT.

saturday i went out to baltimore and hung out with dingalicious and lalalaini. we went to rocky run where we gorged ourselves. we had been trying to make a 10:15 showing of 'signs', but we missed it and the next one seemed like it would end too late. so we ended up showing ding 'velvet goldmine', which we were both AMAZED that she had not seen. anyways, droolalicious jrm. what a nice abbreviation for a name. after nearly drowning in swoondom, i was off to drop ding off and head back home, because i worked the next day.

sunday night i was going to see mazarin with shelly, but then i realised i could not do such a thing. not because i don't love them [because i do]. but because of those who would be present. i feel so fucking juvenile sometimes, but i can't change it. sometimes things and/or make my eyes burn and my stomach churn. instead of seeing the delicous mazarin, shelly and dan and i went to four seasons [where we forgot our leftovers] and then watched drift. it was 'visceral'. to see what we mean by that, click here to read dan's LJ entry about it. all in all, it was pretty pretentious for a movie about a gay male struggling with his relationship(s).

monday i worked 11-6 and bit my tongue 200 times while my 'boss' took 7 cigarette breaks while i did all the work. um, wtf? last night: i got back from work, sat down at the computer, planned to take a nap, then shelly IMs me saying she was a hungry mungry and so i told her to come over, because i would rather have a sha-sha-sha-shaw meeting than take a nap any old day. THO the BEST was taking a collective nap to[leigh, ding, and nik ] sigur ros before belle & sebastian @ DAR constitution hall. le sigh. beautiful. anyhow, last night shelly came over and brought portabella mushroom caps and vanilla coke. we crushed up ritz crackers and nilla wafers [BECAUSE WE WERE BEING CRAFTY COS THE BREAD CRUMB FLAVORS THAT MY MOM HAD IN THE CUPBOARD WERE *SO* NOT APPETIZING], because i didn't really have that many ritz crackers and i figured nilla wafers would make it interesting. we added garlic salt to our 'breadcrumbs' and then i went next door [we're house sitting] and stole a few eggs from their fridge. then we fried the breaded mushrooms while i sauteed mushrooms and spinach and then added that to the ragu sauteed onion and garlic sauce. anyhow, we balanced it out so all the things were done almost at the same time. then we feasted!

then we went upstairs to see if there were any movies playing at acceptable times, realised we could make austin powers-goldmember if we left RIGHT THEN AND THERE. so we did. and it was excellent. [and they showed a preview for SWIMFAN@ before it! YAY. but during the movie i, seriously, guffawed. the opening scene alone is the reason you should see the movie [i won't give it away]. you just really need to see it. the end. then we drove back to my place and shelly drove home.

after shelly left, i ended up talking to cute boys in faraway states. isn't that the rub? i talked to evan [mellosonic] until 9:30 this morning. we'd originally planned to meet up in pittsburgh this weekend to hang out and explore a place we'd never been, but then one of us was going to visit the other, then now who knows? i was contemplating the drive. i just mapquested it. 8.5 hours. i figure with my driving it'll be around 8 or possibly even less. anyhow, we'll see. i'm honestly thinking about it. heck i've never really done anything like that driving wise. but i love driving. i really and truly do. unless i am hella sleepy in which case i am a hazard. however, tonight i am picking up ding, going to laini's house, sleeping over, waking up, driving to nyc, meeting up with cool kids [sarah we are trying to reach you to meet up if at all possible], going to see kings of convenience @ the angel orensanz [i am really excited about seeing this show there], getting back in the car, pointing the car south, getting to b-more, crashing, waking up, then driving to RICHMOND [that's a first for me] to go see american analog set/her space holiday. mm. sounds like a plan to me. a plan to end all plans if [after i get back from THAT extravaganza] i end up driving to michigan! oi!

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