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"just let me turn the amps way up, so you can hear nothing..."

madflowr (4:02:07 AM): LATE LATE LATE.
fourtrack hero (4:02:18 AM): yes! :D
fourtrack hero (4:02:26 AM): i know
fourtrack hero (4:02:26 AM): i have to work tomorrow too
madflowr (4:02:31 AM): GAH !!
fourtrack hero (4:02:32 AM): and there is a math rock band in my living room

djswifty [above] cracks me up. metropolitan were ohsogreat tonight at fort reno. i am ohsotired. things have been nuts. things have been nuts. i haven't wanted to write about any of it. the other day i bought 12 books for $5 at the library. amoung them were the mork and mindy scrap book [25 cents], postcard by charles bukowski [25 cents], and the perks of being a wallflower for 25 cents [i was so glad about finding this esp. for the price of a piece of bubble gum, because my copy was lent out and i'm fairly certain i'll never see it again. i have bought that book about 5 different times. 3 times for other ppl and 2 times for myself. i should really just work a deal out with stephen chbosky where i send him a check directly every few months or so. har.

i plan on doing the screen for the above design tomorrow [finally]. i tried to start it last night but it came out all wrong. so i rinsed it out and i'm going to try again tomorrow. but not before i 1) get my oil changed and 2) go see 'signs' with my mum.

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