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book it

tonight i did something else i'd been meaning to do for ages. i finally pulled all of my little pieces of scrap paper together and consolidated all of the books i've jotted down that seemed interesting into one huge list. has anyone read any of the following? if so, please leave comments telling me how they were, etc. the starred ones are the ones that i was most interested in.

* a & r - bill flanagan
angus, thongs and full frontal shagging: confessions of georgia nicolson - louise rennison
brave new girl - louisa luna
burger wuss - matthew t. anderson
* call if you need me - raymond carver
cat's meow - melissa de la cruz
catching alice - clare naylor
chump change - david eddie
dogrun - arthur nersesian
downers grove - michael hornburg
echo - francesca lia block
faithful narrative of a pastor's disappearance, the - benjamin anastas
feeling sorry for celia - jaclyn moriarty
flipped: how i survived being a girl - wendelin vandraanen
fuck-up, the - arthur nersesian
* getting over it - anna maxted
* girl talk - julianna baggott
girl's guide to hunting and fishing, the - melissa banks
good in bed - jennifer weiner
* green suit, the - dwight allen
* in the drink - kate christensen
kissing in manhattan - david schickler
like a hole in the head - jen branbury
love: a user's guide - clare naylor
massive swelling, a - cintra wilson
* milkrun - sarah mlynowski
my legendary girlfriend - mike gayle
* namedropper - emma forrest
on the bright side, i'm now the girlfriend of a sex god - louise rennison
ringing for you: a love story with interruptions - anouchka grose forrester
skipped parts - tim sandlin
* slightly single - wendy markham
sloppy firsts - megan mccafferty
thumbsucker - walter kim
* wrong boy, the - willy russell

thank you so much kids. i'll take you with me into dreamland now.
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