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"you tell me stories to keep me awake at the wheel..."

i think that the sha-sha-sha-shaw society should go on planned monthly road trips...oh wait. we do. well at least we do sometimes. and at least a few of us do...i am crossing my fingers and my toes that tomorrow works out and sha-sha-shelly gets to go! sadly, i don't get to meet up with matt pond tomorrow, since they're in the studio tomorrow at the same time the show is going on. DAMN. oh well.

today i woke up and actually did 5 things i'd been meaning to do for ages. it felt really good. going to the post office and mailing things to ppl. woo whee. i heart my post office employees. the one who knows me as 'madflowr' wasn't working today tho! he rules! almost every time i go there he has a new hairstyle. i wish i was that creative. shit. i just pulled off a hang nail and blood came gushing out. ouchy. yet i can't stop tugging to get the last bit of it out. damn. maybe i'm like this in relationships as well. ooh. deep.

now for the obligatory picture of james from the prom that two other sha-sha-sha-shaw society members already posted:

i took that photo with ding's loverly camera. and YES it was posed, but he did it all the time so we figured it was okay to ask. me-ow. he is terrific! so terrific in fact that we are driving to the philly show [erm] tonight! honestly, i have listened to the album 'under the same stars' over 20 times since i bought it last night. i am obsessed. and i am happy.

tonight my friend mike came over and showed me his new [old] car a pontiac something or other from 1957. it was beautiful. yes i took photos! then he took me out to dinner at savio's. then we went to buy alcohol for his [16 y/o] bro and i bought some strawberry wine [actually it was kinda ew, but it was $2.99]. then we played with his dog roxy for ages and ate ice cream cake left over from his bday. and it was good. i came home with every intention of going out to the galaxy hut and i completely botched that up. now i am going to sleep so that i can catch breakfast/lunch with wedrinkbitter tomorrow before the gurlees are i are off to the philly cheese steak capital of the usa.

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