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"i'm still wandering round your door..."

i can't believe i have to work today. i feel sick again. it's funny cos i just got an email from tommy saying he thinks he's sick because of the air conditioner. i know that's why i am feeling sick. last night it was sticky hot in my room so i opened one of the vents a little and moved over the magnetic strip that covers it partially. and now i've got the sniffles. boo.

the past few days have been really quite nice. last friday i saw puffy amiyumi at the 9:30 club with shelly + dan + alex. it was packed with cute japanese boys and girls and their admirers! there were ppl toting puffy fans and ppl dancing crazily. it was apparently evil doppelgangers get in free night at 9:30, cos i saw 3 ppl who were dead ringers for owen, james, and there was one more evil twin i saw there. the owen lookalike was super cute and shelly kept trying to push me over to talk to him. then he wandered up to a girl and hugged her and we weren't sure what the girl was to him, so i hung back. anyhow, i met the bar nun rep who was super glad that we ended up meeting up and she thanked me and dan for our work on the puffy campaign. yay! it was really the first time i've promoted i've been really into, so that was niceness!

saturday shelly and i went thriftshopping to places we'd both never been! we hit two places in falls church and also attempted to hit two more that were closed [one - cos it was after 5pm and the other cos it was out of business - sad]. clock tower thrift shop and joseph's coat produced some great finds! more stuff than clothing unfortunately for me, but oh well. clothing wise i bought a 70's tie and a shirt that i'm unsure as to wear or give away, since the shirt is awesome but doesn't look particularly awesome on me. darn. i bought a total of 4 mugs that day! and i bought a math book - YES - a math book:

[because it had crazy pictures like the one above and i am in love with the font on the cover and used in the chapter headings]

oh yes, i posted my favourite finds from saturday on thriftwhore. whee! it was so great i finally found something neat enough to post there! wahey!

i've got to scuttle off to work in a few. i'm not looking forward to that. i mentioned this in a girls only post, but not on the normal LJ. a few weeks back, two guys came into the store attempting to shoplift from us. the csr and i stopped them tho. but ever since then i've been extremely paranoid about other ppl shoplifting. in 2002, it's happened to me TWICE on my shift. before that [in cough cough 5.5 years then] it had NEVER happened before. that is why it must never happen again. stupid shoplifting fucks.

on saturday night, shelly, dan and i picked up christina [youtripmeup] so i finally got to meet her! yay! then we were off to paper moon, where we met up with alan, and then off to the ottobar for the wolf eyes/orthrelm/lightning bolt/arab on radar/the locust show. i met up with a kid named alex off l+c there too. that was cool as well. lightning bolt were definitely my favourite. all the bands in the night had great energy, but lightning bolt took the cake. the locust's bug suits did nothing for me anyways. earlier dan had posted in his LJ that he couldn't believe i wanted to go to this show. whatev. it was a good time. it's good to do things a little out of character once in awhile.

speaking of doing things out of character shelly and i missed BOTH pop shows going on last night [positions/mazarin/stradford 4 @ metro + jenny toomey/the mendoza line @ black cat] and went to see a movie instead. we saw lovely & amazing and it was OH SO GREAT. everyone in the movie was completely neurotic. it was super! not to mention jake gyllenhaal stole EVERY SINGLE SCENE HE WAS IN with his HOT HAIRCUT and T-SHIRTS. his room in the movie had a self poster [breakfast with girls] and a quickspace flat adorning his walls. not to mention crappy posters as well [cough cough papa roach], but it's good to know SOMEONE on the team that put together the movie likes those two aforementioned bands! MEOW! it is work time. shoes come first tho.

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