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terence nostalgia [27 mar 2001]

terence and i wrote this ages ago. i miss him even more when i read stuff like this. so here it is:


to have a kangaroo would be the best,
i'd play with him north south east and west!

over the fences and through the yards,
we'd jump over bushes --
i'd have my own tard!

and when night falls,
i say "goodnight"
kangy and me must rest
for tomorrow we fight!

(we'd herd them on the tardy fields,
who knows what other crops the land would yield?)

my demon neighbors and the postal clerk;
my parents would go beserk!

but kangy and i would jump and soar
not caring an ounce for what we were jumping for.

we'd pick up leigh
and take a ride
over to the green lush fields,
by the river side.

and when it is lunch, we'll have some grapes,
and perhaps befriend a family of apes.

at our picnic, we'd share our pbjs,
and the apes and kangy would all cheer "yay!"

then the bunch of us would roam the streets,
stopping crime and eating sweets.

and when the zoo would come to take them away,
i'd yell, "you can't! we're all enormously gay!"

(except for leigh, it's not her fault!
she hearts boys, and a nice chocolate malt!)

(and being gay is a big no-no,
so they'd lock us up with many a ho.)

but that won't stop us, the networks would come
and we'd all be the stars of the news at eleven.

we'd make the front page : "gay animals under locks"
our lawyer would be a fox.
he'd defend our case before our peers
(not all of them necessarily queer)

the jurors would see the light!
we'd all be set free!
(lawyer fox put up an excellent fight.)

they'd a make movie of our story,
everyone would see it,
the po-pos would be sorry.

leo d. would have to play t,
and claire danes suits well for leigh.
it would be r&j part two, and people would see it,
they'd love it a lot and would not boo.

they'd clap and cheer and send us cash,
then kangy, the apes, leigh and t
would start a record label
with super bands to match!

fantastic bands to blow the minds
of people from mid-western states
who think too small.

this story is now winding down,
the heroes won, the villains done.

kangy, the apes, and mr. fox,
the human primates aren't under locks!

this story was about equality for all,
including marsupials, homos, heteros and apes.
we'll recite the story for multiple book tapes.

they have saved the day
and now it's done.
time to rock out all night
gosh darn this was fun...


now shelly and i are off to thrift land!

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