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"she's hungry like a hippo, an iguana?"

laini sent me this rap scott cairns freestyled about her last night. it's loverly. then later last night i was talking to tommyrehbein and i was telling him how the nicest thing anyone could ever do for me is write a song for me + sing it for me. seriously. it's true. boys have written me poems. i've had boys sing [other ppl's] songs to me over the phone. to combine original thought with original music + one's own vox = that is my dream. basically, i'm thinking of that scene in bring it on when cliff gives torrence the mixtape right after he sees her smooching her [yuk] boyfriend and then leaves cos he's super sad [and rightly so]. brackets are nice. then torrence goes into her room and sits on her bed, sulking, and puts the tape in and it starts out with a song he wrote for her. i know it's completely lame, but every single time i see that scene [and yes, i have seen the movie multiple times] i swoon. this is why i am in love with jesse bradford [that and him as joey in hackers and as balthasar in romeo & juliet, um i've loved him forever], even if rufus king was the person who actually sang 'just what i need'. the lyrics to the song are here in case no one knows what i am talking about. anyways, i want a song like that. just in case anyone is trying to write one for me.

i have used up all of my LJ codes except for two. this wouldn't bother me except for the fact two ppl i gave codes to have only updated their LJ once or twice! boo! james [thefloppys] and dustin [ddrase] should update their journals. i like to know what's going on. phone you say? pshaw-pshaw! end of rant on why ppl should post in their ljs now.

alright, i have procrastinated long enough. i've got to clean my room and i've only got an hour and a half to do it since dan + i are leaving for the puffy amiyumi show at 5:30. it's all about strategy. and i have no strategy.

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