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random survey passed around on LJ like an STD

this took me far too long to do. now i am going to see the road to perdition with shelly and kevin alvir.

five things you don't understand:
1. what really happened that made jeremiah change so drastically.
2. mathematics.
3. why boys with gfs always pick me to talk to
4. the new york subway system
5. the lack of cute indie pop boys in dc

five things on your desk:
1. my cellphone
2. an empty vanilla coke can
3. a list of books i'd like to read
4. a letter from fujicolor saying they're sorry they still haven't found my pictures
5. my [purple] scanner

five negative facts about you:
1. i'm not a playa, i just crush a lot.
2. i get road rage.
3. i'm impulsive.
4. i do not care about school.
5. i introduce everyone by their lj names.

five positive facts about you:
1. i'm friendly.
2. i love hearing new music.
3. i dance at shows.
4. i'm a great hugger.
5. i smile a lot.

five things you plan to do before you die:
1. write/publish a novel.
2. write/direct an independent film that gets shown at at least one film festival.
3. go to england.
4. kiss a boy with an english accent.
5. get married to my 100% perfect boy.

five things you can do:
1. rattle off useless knowledge about bands i love.
2. write backwards [and upside down].
3. make illegal and non illegal U turns.
4. promote music i love.
5. make helluva good mixtapes.

five things you can't do:
1. drive stick shift.
2. find any new music/personal zines to get into.
3. promote music that i don't love in the slightest.
4. read japanese.
5. stop thinking about jeremiah.

five of your favourite songs:
1. a reminder (radiohead)
2. hardly (hayden)
3. photobooth (death cab for cutie)
4. don't leave the light on baby (belle & sebastian)
5. the city (the dismemberment plan)

five things about the opposite sex that turn you on:
1. big soft eyes [behind glasses optional]
2. soft fluffy hair.
3. tummies with a bit of pudge.
4. record collections that match my own.
5. sideburns and/or soul patches w/chin straps

five favourite movies:
1. amelie
2. uhf
3. high fidelity
4. velvet goldmine
5. the last unicorn

five things you say the most:
1. dude
2. sha-sha-sha-shaw!
3. "i feel like some ice cream!"
4. that's awesome!
5. your mom!

five things you have to do:
1. stop taking naps at 8pm.
2. break up hayden + yael [haha. fat chance!]
3. start reading even more [and more diverse literature as well]
4. put out a new zine.
5. put on shoes so i can go out tonight.

five people you need to thank:
1. lalalaini - for being my sister
2. sha-sha-sha-shelly - for being one of the two coolest girls i've started hanging out with.
3. sha-sha-sha-shannon - for being the other one!
4. kevin chan - for being honest and helping me through the rough times.
5. jeremiah - for the music. for the mixes. for the good times. [sigh]

five favourite places:
1. honolulu restaurant
2. the hill of death [off franconia road]
3. [neo] fancy world
4. south street [philadelphia]
5. on the road - just driving

five things you'd eat on the last day of your life:
1. mushroom appetizer [harmony cafe - georgetown, dc]
2. cheese blintzes with strawberry sauce [the four seasons diner - alexandria, va]
3. sub gum vegetables [honolulu - alexandria, va]
4. 1/4 chicken dark [crisp n juicy - arlington, va]
5. sauteed pear filled with chocolate mousse in strawberry sauce [lite n fair - alexandria, va]

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